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  1. I agree. I would roll with Voit and Davis. Given Benintendi's injury, I could see them sitting him several games so he is healthy after the break. Help with mine?
  2. Agree with the others. If you can get Freeman for that do it!
  3. I would drop Hernandez for Hiura. I like Hiura's upside more than Hernandez's. Thanks for the help on mine.
  4. I would be giving up Woodruff to get Robles and Rodgers. Are Robles and Rodgers solidified in their closer roll? Any chance Robles gets traded or the Twins go get a closer that would move Rodgers out of saves? Here is my current SP and RP: SPs: Scherzer, Stripling, Mikolas, Ray, McKay, Woodruff, Glasnow (IL for who knows how long) RPs: Chapman, Giles, Jackson, Oberg This might make me RP heavy, so I would consider dropping Oberg and Matt Carpenter to grab another SP. Thanks WHIR!
  5. I agree. I would potentially drop Bassitt or Eickhoff if you can't get a 2 fer 1 trade.
  6. I would see if Buehler for Vlad is enough. It might take Buehler + a bat, but given Vlad's upside and Ohtani coming back soon you have plenty there.
  7. Yeah. I get that. Nelson is a little bit of a wild card. Pitching tends to be more sought after in this league than hitting. Plan is to pick Meadows up early next week. Likely dropping Shaw. Let me take a look at yours.
  8. 1 IL spot. So I feel like I need a warm body at this point.
  9. WHIR! 10 team H2H OBP/QS League My team has been hit pretty hard by IL: Rendon, Jimenez, Meadows (dropped), Pollock (dropped), and now Kluber. I have been holding Jimmy Nelson in my IL spot since the start of the season. In addition, my hitting has been atrocious for the past week and a half. Seems like everyone I have is slumping and I am trying to decide whether to hold tight or add a bat at this point (either Choo, Jose Martinez, J. Turner or Devers). Here is my healthy team: C- Ramos 1B/2B/3B- Carp/Shaw/Muncy/Gallo SS-Seager/Bregman OF- Benintendi,
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