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  1. I have been losing PTS big for the past few weeks and looking for input on my team (fg%,ft%,3pm,pts,reb,ast,st,blk,to) I am on track to be a low seed in the playoffs but might need to drop some bigs for a shooter or something, help me out here. 10 team league. PG - Devonte Graham, Ja Morant, Dejounte Murray, Damian Lillard SG - Mikal Bridges SF - Anunoby, B Ingram, Bojan Bogdanovic PF/C - K Love, Gobert, Drummond, R Williams, R Covington
  2. If you think the chances of them hurting your score is over 50% then yes. Why do something that has a probable chance to hurt your team? If it's Sunday and AVG is already won or lost then there is no reason to sit a player since you're only trying to get counting stats.
  3. When he gets back, how does he rank this year in people's minds? Don't know a lot about him, never rostered him, but feel like he was originally being drafted in the 70s overall before the injury. That would be slightly later than Lance Lynn and Kenta Maeda...does that sound about right?
  4. Seems like he will need to go on an epic tear to become a daily player. I'd give the odds of this at under 50%. He's the first one to go when I need a pickup.
  5. Do they use some other service to compare their stats to? Otherwise I don't see how they can catch their errors in a few hours for hundreds of games. And if they do use another service that is more official, why don't they use it the whole time so they never mess up?
  6. My Yahoo standings are different from last night. I went from 43 to 41 RBI. But the only "stat correction" says "Trevor Bauer" RBI 1 (April 2)...Pitchers don't get hitting stats in my league. Other matchups different too....what's going on? anyone?
  7. I am waiting on a timetable. If it's going to be over a month I'm going to cut bait. Do you have any info. saying mid-May at least?
  8. Couldn't find a thread for him. He is around 25% owned in Yahoo leagues, off to a great start. He is hitting leadoff for the Twins and 6/12 with 1R/2RBI in 3 games. From his historical stats, it seems he is only an AVG guy, very little power or steals. I am considering an add because I love getting players who hit for AVG, as the runs and rbi should come with the hits, but not sure he is worth it due to lack of power and speed. Any thoughts on this guy? Worth an add?
  9. Does anyone know where he will hit in the lineup?
  10. Who do you take...Tucker, Tim Anderson, or Woodruff????? I already have 2 OF, SS, 3B, and 2 SPS...
  11. Josh Bell has a better fantasy season than Bellinger
  12. It's 6 keepers, 14 SP kept total so a good amount of teams keeping only 1 SP. This guy has 2, Bieber and Castillo. Not sure if that would be a deterrent for him...
  13. Thinking of making a play at Trout for deGrom + ? Do you think this is fair straight up or would the deGrom side need to sweeten the deal?
  14. I was thinking I'd throw back Acuna and Soto and move a Mt. for someone else...sound good?
  15. I understand the thought. With about 40 players there and me getting 3 picks in the top 12 I thought people could estimate who would be there and what they would do in my shoes. I have thought on it enough. Looking for fresh persective. I know it probably won't work out exactly like I plan though, but why plan any draft if you don't know who will be there?
  16. Please help me with my first few picks strategy! I tried to make it understandable and simple enough! It's good to get some outside advice so I don't get tunnel vision on this. H2H categories 6x5 (R,RBI,HR,SB,AVG,OPS - W,SV,K,ERA,WHIP) C, 1, 2, ss, 3, 3 OF, 2 Util, 2 SP, 2 RP, 4 P, 6 BN Keepers: Acuna, Soto, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer I have odd numbered draft picks and am looking for help of who to target in the top 32 picks. After that I wait 25 spots for my next choice, so keeping it hopefully simple. Picks: 2, 9, 12, 31, 32 (aka 62, 69, 72, 91, 92) Top 40
  17. He has a wide range of outcomes. Super hyped so someone in your league will pay up. Time will tell whose right.
  18. I think you should go with your gut and who you want the most. Nobody knows which of those guys will be the best, they are all great. Choose who you want to have on your team.
  19. So can you keep this 1st rounder next year? Or are you not allowed to keep top 2 round picks? (Meaning the pick only counts for this season and not the future?)
  20. How many years for Vlad to be better than Freeman? At least 3 years, probably never. Yeah you'd like to have a 26 y/o Vlad over a 36 y/o Freeman, probably, but that's a very long time away and many things change. I'm keeping Freeman.
  21. I think my theory is limited to similar ADPs and common sense. I'd take Freeman over ADP 8-12 guys, usually. I'd take Albies in the 30s over the 10th best OF that may be ADP 29-35. I'm not taking Albies if Trevor Story or something is there as well. I don't typically view C as having "elite" players, though the top is probably going to be a 5th rounder. I don't view Yasmani Grandal as elite, Yahoo has him ADP 133 now. If it's Buster Posey in his prime or something and he's a 2nd or 3rd rounder, definitely trying to take him.
  22. Many people who are successful have different strategies, so you can't say one way is wrong and one is right. I can only argue for my beliefs that have worked for me, while you may disagree because you have had success with the opposite, or maybe you failed doing what I'm saying. I see 1B or 2B, where there's a couple elite players, as a place to try and be elite, because you probably won't a great 2B on the free agency. Kind of like TE in Fantasy Football. If you have Kelce last year you won, Kittle or Waller, maybe 5 guys max, otherwise it's a wasteland. I love to have a set it and forg
  23. That is a very even trade. I feel like I'd probably choose the Albies/Tatis side, but that's because I don't like rostering players who hit under .250. I know Alonso and Acuna may not be that bad at BA but I'd guess it's .275 & .240 or something for them. Albies/Tatis both have power and speed, are young, and I think 2B is a little shallower than 1B.
  24. I'd be sure to get Freeman if you need a 1B. Be elite at scarce positions and then don't have to think about free agents during the year. Second I'd probably take Ramirez due to 3B being more scarce than the others. There are 10-12 very good SS that you can probably get the last of in the 60-100 range (if you include Carlos Correa, Javier Baez).
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