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  1. Kershaw is usable, Yummy Garcia is usable, DJ Luhmayheu could be alright, Buxton constantly hurt. I'd prob do it if any of those guys would all be upgrades for you.
  2. Phillies w/ 3 walk offs in a row, last 2 by Segura, only know this b/c he was a FA add a week ago, but still impressive steak.
  3. I thought Vlad Jr was pitching but it's actually a guy named Dolis.
  4. If it's vaccine side effects that only supposedly last a day or two, why are these guys going on the IL if they won't miss their start? If it was covid I think they normally miss a couple weeks.
  5. Yacob deGrom gotta get got like that - man I tried to deal him this AM for a big haul, shouldn't sealed the deal.
  6. Keep Mookie wanna Betts, Ardolis may flame out.
  7. Aguilar is hot right now and hitting behind 2 other hot hitters in Jazz and Starling Marte. He's gonna mash. For sure Aguilar.
  8. He has been hot. I feel like another couple good games and he'll be gone from FA. Anyone have any analysis on him besides the Rockies management sucks and Story will be dealt?
  9. Jazz got screwed on a safe/out call at 1b, terrible. Should be bases loaded w/ 1 out, down 3-4. Instead, 2 out 1st and 2nd. Salty b/c I have Jazz - Marte - Aguilar
  10. Hope it's a free public league. Don't screw over the integrity of a real league by doing this. Hit up FA and try.
  11. Anyone watching BOS HOU? Did Tucker just drill a fan? Looked like the people around were waving and animated but the announcers didn't say anything and cut away. I feel like they usually talk about those things.
  12. I really only want to target the elite tier at 3b because, being a 10 team league, there are always options on FA that are okay. I got Segura on FA recently and Donaldson is still on FA. I want Devers, Ramirez, Arenado, Vlad...but Vlad owner won't negotiate. I don't think I could get much for GIbson since I picked him up FA and he's not a sexy name that people are excited about.
  13. Team/League info in sig. Offered Jose Ramirez + Glasnow for deGrom Fills my 3B hole but obvious downgrade at SP
  14. Yes I like that deal. I did just trade Bauer for Alcantara + Ryu but could offer Burnes or Woodruff instead of Bauer. Will see if I get any traction there.
  15. I would be trading away Bauer, and I did get a deal done. Alcanatra + Ryu. I may be looking to still do the 3rd deal but with Burnes or Woodruff instead of Bauer.
  16. Active offer of Alcantara + Ryu for Bauer Hader trade off the table. Sitting there to accept, should I?
  17. About to get him in a trade. Anything concerning here? Should rebound nicely I assume after the bad outing the other day.
  18. I would drop. Sometimes we get attached to our players and view them higher than others would. Even if Hiura put a few great games together you'd probably not really trust it. Too much has to go right, I'd move on unless very very deep league. (I dropped Kelenic before he got demoted but I felt that way about him and I'm sure Hiura hitting .100 is similar.
  19. Team in Sig. Ryu + Alcantara for Bauer Alcantara + Hader for Bauer (punting SV but Hader still helps in K's + ratios) Devers + Freeman for Bichette, Bauer, Aguilar
  20. I would really hate to do that trade. I would see if you could at least get some sort of upgrade elsewhere or draft pick compensation, something, in addition to that. Buxton is always injured, and has already been injured 2x this year.
  21. Go ahead and put your roster and league type in your signature and you will get more replies because people will be able to see your full team and give you better advice. Click your name/logo on top-right and go to account settings.
  22. Team in Sig. Kris Bryant (1b,3b,of) + Sandy Alcantara for Bauer + Grichuk Other owner really wants Bauer and I want to solidify my offense, don't love trading Bauer but what do you think?
  23. I updated my profile to include my roster now. And I have an option for Matt Olson for Rogers now along with a possible Mancini, Rizzo, or Alonso, may require more compensation for Alonso or Mancini (picks).
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