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  1. I have to update my sig. I no longer have Brujan. I do have Wander though. I have 1 bench hitter, 1 NA, 2 IL (Segura/Robert). I tried to get Jose Ramirez but he got plunked on the foot so I want to wait and see. I do not know who else go to after. Devers owner is a Sox fan so I'd have to way overpay. As a 10 team league I'm looking to get an easy top 5 3B but gotta find a willing trade partner. The Torres owner has crap 3B so can't go there. Should I be looking to grab Arenado type guy for a solid SP like Fried?
  2. How'd Marte go 0/1 yet get on base with 0 outs? Regardless, love the start, I have the 1-2-3 hitters.
  3. Right, just thought I'd see what people thought. Hopefully Wander is up soon to give me some more depth.
  4. Team in sig. Someone wants to trade me Gleyber for Fried b/c his pitching sucks. I don't really see it as an upgrade for me offensively. Easy decline?
  5. I'd drop them both. Are either coming back in the next 2 months? I doubt Ozuna.
  6. Next homestand starts 22nd, 6 games Red Sox/Angels, then July 5 6 games Indians/Blue Jays
  7. Maybe but he still was 0-38 in MLB. Have to play well in MLB for a week + to be confident in him.
  8. Pick up Hey Sue Sanchez in a 4 team league with no bench spots. He gonna hit a ding dong tonight. If not you can pick up Ian Happ again, he'll be there waiting.
  9. what are you referring to? who to be dealt?
  10. This week my team hit .357! I won 2 of 6 offensive categories...
  11. Marwin Gonzalez pitching the 8th for BOS 1-2-3 inning, 90 mph fb
  12. Kershaw is usable, Yummy Garcia is usable, DJ Luhmayheu could be alright, Buxton constantly hurt. I'd prob do it if any of those guys would all be upgrades for you.
  13. Phillies w/ 3 walk offs in a row, last 2 by Segura, only know this b/c he was a FA add a week ago, but still impressive steak.
  14. I thought Vlad Jr was pitching but it's actually a guy named Dolis.
  15. If it's vaccine side effects that only supposedly last a day or two, why are these guys going on the IL if they won't miss their start? If it was covid I think they normally miss a couple weeks.
  16. Yacob deGrom gotta get got like that - man I tried to deal him this AM for a big haul, shouldn't sealed the deal.
  17. Keep Mookie wanna Betts, Ardolis may flame out.
  18. How many keepers? Get Jazz Jizm.
  19. Aguilar is hot right now and hitting behind 2 other hot hitters in Jazz and Starling Marte. He's gonna mash. For sure Aguilar.
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