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  1. Just now, CardiacDO said:

    Finally I have something to live for. Now let's get him 3B eligibility as soon as possible. 

    I am also hoping for 3B considering my roster.  Happy to have him after a trade 1 month ago - can't imagine those who have held for a year or two in dynasty.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Bogey9906 said:

    I don't think minor league games played have any effect on position eligibility in Yahoo. He will be SS-only until he meets the eligibility thresholds for Games Started or Games Played at a new position at the MLB level.

    So why does he have SS eligibility then?  Isn't that based off of minor league games played?

  3. 1 hour ago, fbplayer03 said:

    Currently this year

    Games at position 

    29 SS

    7 3B

    3 2B

    So it would be based on minor league games?  So right now 3B/SS, correct?  Then 2022 would be based on 2021 MLB games or MLB +MiLB?

  4. Does anyone know what positions he will be eligible for on Yahoo?  Currently listed as only SS but I remember hearing he would probably play 2B or even 3B.  Wondering if it will change when he gets called up or if he will have to play a # of games at 2/3B to gain additional eligibility.  

  5. 18 minutes ago, Richard Kimble said:

    I actually would look to make an upgrade at 3B with Biggio as your best option there; if I'm reading your team in sig correctly, you have Brujan and Franco eating up bench spots and as such have no additional substitutes on offense week to week? Because of this, I would try to get a backup 3B for Fried, in case of injury or in general one of the 2B cratering as the season wears on. There are going to be good streamers available in this league, so keep working to find some value for Fried as he's been pretty inconsistent, but focus on 3B as your main need. A note on the TB combo too-don't assign them any keeper value in your mind whatsoever, there is virtually no chance they will squeeze into your top 5, and viewing Franco as that mandatory 5th guy is a bad strategy in what is likely not a true dynasty format. Ultimately the duo may struggle to find their groove and PT when they make their eventual debut, so don't overlook someone who may potentially be out there now that is looking good ROS. 

    I have to update my sig.  I no longer have Brujan.  I do have Wander though.  I have 1 bench hitter, 1 NA, 2 IL (Segura/Robert).

    I tried to get Jose Ramirez but he got plunked on the foot so I want to wait and see.  I do not know who else go to after.  Devers owner is a Sox fan so I'd have to way overpay.  As a 10 team league I'm looking to get an easy top 5 3B but gotta find a willing trade partner.  

    The Torres owner has crap 3B so can't go there.  

    Should I be looking to grab Arenado type guy for a solid SP like Fried?

  6. On 6/13/2021 at 3:27 PM, IlliniGuy76 said:

    Currently just took over first - unsure how?

    Team is in my signature

    We have (4) IL spots

    Currently injured:  Kyle Lewis, Marcell Ozuna, Franmil Reyes, Ian Kennedy, John Means & Max Muncy (praying beyond belief that Bellinger doesn't go on the IL....)

    I THINK I'm forced to drop someone here to free up a roster spot to help my bench.  Do I drop Ozuna or Kyle Lewis?  Certainly don't want to drop any of the other guys (Saves are very hard to find here, like any other league really).

    Thanks - 100% WHIR!

    I'd drop them both.  Are either coming back in the next 2 months?  I doubt Ozuna.  

  7. 3 hours ago, mulhollandvelvet said:

    He's now homered and stolen a base in back to back games at AAA. I guess that's something to be positive about? 

    Maybe but he still was 0-38 in MLB.  Have to play well in MLB for a week + to be confident in him.

  8. Just now, StartYourStuds said:

    In Longenhagen’s most recent prospect chat he mentions that he thinks it will and an injury for a promotion and also thinks he is the Rays big piece most likely dealt…. Not sure what to think about this and while I would love to see Wander and Brujan up the middle together, I sort of wouldn’t mind him getting out of TB due to their constant dickering around with the lineup and platoon habits.

    what are you referring to?  who to be dealt?

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