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  1. 1 hour ago, Richard Kimble said:

    No one came to your aid in time, but we must know who did you pick? Did you win the category? Inquiring minds want to know. Next time, just look at recent usage and make an educated guess than create a post-more is lost by indecision than wrong decision. Those 2 minutes of writing this could have been used for research. 

    i picked up Minter a couple minutes after the game started, my computer clock was slow, but i did get Minter and he was stuck on my bench, he pitched but no Ks so i just wasted a move...oh well, i'll drop him tomorrow i guess


  2. 1 hour ago, Moose1991 said:

    Yeah knowing which bridges and bogdanovic would help to answer this question but TJ and nurkic are the players I would aim for. Would probably drop bogdanovic (if hes the utah player).



    TJ McConnell from the Pacers?  I drafted Nurkic and he is always injured.  He is out today.  Do you think he will turn it on in the next few weeks?

  3. 9 hours ago, enbhie said:

    which bojanovic & bridges? 🙄

    TJ is worth to pick up if you need stocks, and perhaps K.Love is one to drop because he might be unable to play b2b  games.


    The guy from the Jazz, and Mikal Bridges (Suns?)

    I feel like I usually win steals and almost always win blocks, I think I need more points than anything...

  4. 1st year doing FBB.  10 team Yahoo, just throwing my team out there for opinions on who I might need to drop or pickup as I haven't been paying much attention, it's mostly a for fun league.

    D Graham, D Murray, Lillard, Anunoby, B Ingram, Love, Drummond, Covington, B Bogdanovic, Gobert, Morant, Bridges, Gafford

    Top available based on Roster %:

    Nurkic, S Adams, C White E Bledsoe Whiteside, Rubio, Hachimura, Ingles, McConnell, Kuzma, Barton, D Rose, D Jordan, Zubac, Bazely, Melo, K Johnson, L Williams, Crowder, Batum



  5. 16 hours ago, hailtoyourvictor said:

    Acuna is reaching God tier (if he hasn't already). I'm trying to figure out if something like Acuna for Cole-JoseRam-Kershaw is even enough to sell him.

    If I were to trade Acuna I'd want to be certain that the other team overpaid.  Another thing to consider is how many keepers do you have?  If you only get a handful of keepers, the most elite are more valuable.  If you can keep 10 or more, a lot of quality is more valuable.  

  6. Acuna will probably never cost more than right now.  It's a long season.  Wait until Franco and Kelenic are announced as callups and then hope Acuna cools off a bit and your prospects will be hyped due to the callup.  Then you can get a deal cheaper, but at this moment, the Acuna owner can get whatever he wants for Acuna.  Soto imo would be cheaper right now by a little bit.  I'd still wait til your players get called up and Yelich is back.

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  7. I have been losing PTS big for the past few weeks and looking for input on my team (fg%,ft%,3pm,pts,reb,ast,st,blk,to)

    I am on track to be a low seed in the playoffs but might need to drop some bigs for a shooter or something, help me out here.  10 team league.

    PG - Devonte Graham, Ja Morant, Dejounte Murray, Damian Lillard

    SG - Mikal Bridges

    SF - Anunoby, B Ingram, Bojan Bogdanovic

    PF/C - K Love, Gobert, Drummond, R Williams, R Covington

  8. On 4/8/2021 at 3:03 PM, B&F said:

    There are times I have a player in a slump or a borderline cut that is the only player available at a position to start when the opposing pitcher is an ace. 

    Is it good strategy to leave the spot open to avoid the 0-4?   9 times out of ten that is the outcome.  There are never any surprise outcomes.

    If you think the chances of them hurting your score is over 50% then yes.  Why do something that has a probable chance to hurt your team?  If it's Sunday and AVG is already won or lost then there is no reason to sit a player since you're only trying to get counting stats.

  9. When he gets back, how does he rank this year in people's minds?  Don't know a lot about him, never rostered him, but feel like he was originally being drafted in the 70s overall before the injury.  That would be slightly later than Lance Lynn and Kenta Maeda...does that sound about right?

  10. 4 minutes ago, posty said:

    In Players > Stat Corrections for week 1, I have the following RBI fixes...

    Senzel - April 7 - minus 1
    Corey Seager - April 2 - plus 1

    However the standings you had from last night weren't official and probably were live stat feeds, which aren't accurate...  Yahoo has always suggested to wait until the final stat feed for the day has come in and they have updated the information accordingly...

    In all honesty, they are still working on issues with the standings, so I would wait until later in the day...

    Do they use some other service to compare their stats to?  Otherwise I don't see how they can catch their errors in a few hours for hundreds of games.  And if they do use another service that is more official, why don't they use it the whole time so they never mess up?  

  11. Couldn't find a thread for him.

    He is around 25% owned in Yahoo leagues, off to a great start.  He is hitting leadoff for the Twins and 6/12 with 1R/2RBI in 3 games.

    From his historical stats, it seems he is only an AVG guy, very little power or steals.

    I am considering an add because I love getting players who hit for AVG, as the runs and rbi should come with the hits, but not sure he is worth it due to lack of power and speed.

    Any thoughts on this guy?  Worth an add?

  12. 4 hours ago, Rush2112 said:

    Toss back you're last two players & keep Robert plus Suarez in those spots. After you do that, then only get all offensive players with the rest of you're picks. 

    I was thinking I'd throw back Acuna and Soto and move a Mt. for someone else...sound good?

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  13. 5 hours ago, Cesare13 said:

    My 2 cents, and from experience, don't plan like this. Any draft I've ever done where I've set strict guidelines or pigeonholed my picks have been disastrous.   You'll likely soon find yourself panicking when things inevitably won't work out.  You'll end up reaching for players to make your plan fit and grabbing guys in lower tiers to compensate when it doesn't.  Plan for sure, but the 2 things that seem to apply to any draft is "prepare and trust your board" and "take what the draft gives you."

    I understand the thought.  With about 40 players there and me getting 3 picks in the top 12 I thought people could estimate who would be there and what they would do in my shoes.  I have thought on it enough.  Looking for fresh persective.  I know it probably won't work out exactly like I plan though, but why plan any draft if you don't know who will be there?  

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