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  1. Anyone playing him today with Ruggs out? Yahoo has him projected over 12 pts PPR. Looks like LAC kinda tough on WRs though.
  2. 13-0 with Gaskin and David Johnson? Very impressive.
  3. I thought it was someone a little older like early 2000s, but I must be wrong. Can't find anything online.
  4. i have like 6 wr3s...but 4 top 25ish rbs
  5. Even if he's good to go I don't know that I can trust him with Bridgewater. However playing from behind will be helpful. Where are you guys ranking him this week if he goes?
  6. Which player in the past had this nickname, can't find anywhere, thanks.
  7. Rudolph + Gesecki out. Which of these 3 for PPR this week?
  8. Not sure DJ Moore is playing, ankle + covid, I also have him and would need a lot of good reports to feel comfortable with him. I heard Mostert had an ankle MRI today so that's something to watch. I'd be most interested in researching Beasley (is John Brown out?) and Mostert vs Dallas. I'd consider dropping Moore/Gallman if those other 2 seem to be the plays for you.
  9. I'd probably not play James Robinson, as hard as that is to say. Help me out?
  10. I think you have to play Jacobs as long as he has no setbacks with the ankle. See mine?
  11. I heard potentially McCoy could be "the guy" on a podcast but I am not sure about the situation. I don't have any shares so I don't know for certain. I think I would feel more comfortable with Lockett though, and he has a high ceiling as we've seen. Help me?
  12. Started the year strong but lost Kittle, Fuller, Moore, and now I'm stuck with a bunch of WR3s to pick from. Also not sure which of my 4 RB to sit (I'll probably flex 1). Top waiver adds for WR at bottom, thanks guys! Full PPR league QB: Kyler/Hurts RB: (need 2) Jacobs, Dobbins, McKissic, David Johnson WR: (need 2) Tee Higgins, Marquise Brown, CeeDee Lamb, Antonio Brown, Keke Coutee, DJ Moore (covid still?) TE: Goedert Flex: (need 1) Waiver WRs: L Bowden Jr, R. Higgins, MVS, Gage, S. Shepherd, J. Meyers, Shenualt, (any LAC wr if K Allen/M Williams
  13. He is great for 2 games and yeah 10-12 points normally I know...but did he look "healthy" throughout? Any question about his status for this week?
  14. Did anyone watch the game? Besides the 10 points, how'd he look? [...]
  15. I love to play fantasy. I have had a lot of success b/c I'm strategic, competitive, and grew up playing sports. I watch here and there but I'm not obsessed with watching football, I never played and don't really care, I only watch b/c I love playing FF. If I didn't play FF, I would probably only watch the Super Bowl. How many millions like me who only watch b/c of FF? Probably millions, that's millions less in the ratings, millions or billions less in tv deals, millions/billions less for the owners to pay the players so yes, FF does indirectly "pay" part of the player salaries.
  16. I'm starting him...the Bear's slot coverage guy is the worst in the league I have read, and everyone is out at WR. If not now, when?
  17. What widely available players are you guys stashing in hopes that they could help you in the playoffs? I feel it's worth 1 or 2 bench spots to take a shot on someone who could pay off big time, even if it's a risk. I'm just looking for ideas if anyone has found any player who fits that they are stashing. For me, I have Kyler and who knows if the shoulder flares up and is an issue, so I grabbed Hurts for week 16 vs. DAL in case Murray falters and Hurts impresses. I'm also looking for a RB who is an injury away with a great schedule. I've looked at Jeff Wilson Jr vs DAL week 15. SF RB alwa
  18. yikes, hopefully u can get a win this time
  19. Lambchop Underwear the special pair that you can wear without a care by fruit of the loom
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