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  1. Lambchop Underwear the special pair that you can wear without a care by fruit of the loom
  2. Did you get a lot of players back or did you just get lucky b/c of the name change?
  3. I was 1-5, changed my name, and went 6-1 to make the playoffs. It did help to get Davante Adams back from injury and trade for Keenan Allen as well. Maybe I keep my name.
  4. Easy to pick this guy up just in case when you haven't had him all year!
  5. I am curious what people's team names are. I am thinking about changing my team name for the playoffs. What would be a good team name to instill fear into my opponents?
  6. I think you have to decide if you want to play Sanders first of all. I don't know, but his recent past looks bad but he gets pretty good volume. Your choice for flex there... if no Sanders, Beasley if Brown is still out. Otherwise Aiyuk. If Andrews plays I'd probably play him flex, if not, Aiyuk, if Aiyuk is your WR3 and Andrews is out, Shenault at flex.
  7. Snell, Dobbins, and Marquise Brown need to total 50 points for a reasonable shot to win. Thinking vs. DAL w/ Mark Andrews out I have some hope, but need Snell to at least hit his projection of 13 today.
  8. IMO it's fine as long as it doesn't cause another team to miss the playoffs due to tanking. I'd be ok with it if it just shuffled around the seeds of the set playoff teams.
  9. I need an average of 17 points per player in order to eek out a win in my PPR league and secure #1 spot. 1 RB: ? 1 WR: ? 1 FLEX: ? Options: J.K. Dobbins, Benny Snell, CeeDee Lamb, Marquise Brown Who gives me the best chance to hit what I need?
  10. shoulder injury, then 9, then 17 points = 13/game last 2 games, pre injury avg over 29 points/game, he has mostly stopped running which is a big part of why he has been so good this year, i see a correlation, but obviously hope he can get back to averaging 29 points for the playoffs
  11. Well, it's partly in frustration of my #1 player letting me down. Since the shoulder injury he's avg. 23 rush yards/game, compared to pre-injury, he has been a big step down to QB2 status.
  12. Probably need to start thinking about a playoffs backup plan.
  13. Last 3 weeks single digits in PPR. Debating starting him over a couple other low end RB2...anyone have any insight for this week?
  14. I agree with the dud stuff, but in most leagues a minimum of 24 RBs must be played and it probably averages around 30 with flex spots. Everywhere I've looked Booker is top 20 and a few places have his as as low RB1. I don't see how people would hesitate to play him unless they are stacked at RB.
  15. JJ has a respectable 15.7 PPR average (#13 PPR), however if you take out his 2 huge games, he averages just under 12 PPR points/game (#29 PPR). He also has 3 games of under 10 points, 2 of them being total bust games of 5 or 6 points (PPR). As a JJ owner, I expect a mid RB2 performance weekly, with upside. I am a bit disappointed overall with his performance, but I realize it could be much worse.
  16. Safe to drop? Wondering if it'll get shortened or appealed, just being safe before I drop here...thanks.
  17. I have him in a 12 team and haven't strongly considered dropping him yet. Next week vs. MIA, then 2 of the 3 playoff weeks he plays DAL and HOU. I'm going to see how he does next week and consider him in those great matchups, but it all depends on who else you have.
  18. Taysom Hill @ TE is a bad situation, glad I'm not in an ESPN league. He should have probably talked to you/the league and got you to agree to not play him at TE, but if you insisted since it's within the rules, I don't think they should be able to do anything about it. It's really ESPN they are mad at, not you. That leave it open to change lineups just because in the future. Hopefully you'll win some $ anyways and it won't matter, but if it causes you to lose, I'd have to think paying or not.
  19. what did you say to him and how'd the conversation go, interested
  20. Beginning of day projection = 147, current projection = 96. If I would have scored 114 points I would have locked up the 1 seed. Imagine if I didn't begin the day with the 35 points from Will Fuller on Thanksgiving.
  21. Are the DEN WRs running any routes today? Would be hard to be motivated to do so knowing it's for nothing.
  22. down 15 i rolled the dice w hinton in flex, what is going on! no nothing mid way through 2nd half? is he handing it off every play?
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