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  1. 11 minutes ago, thrilla1nManila said:

    for your first pick at no 3 draft in this order of whoever falls:

    harden or AD

    Curry or Kat


    at 18 if you went Curry or Harden go big on 18 or if you're lucky Embiid. or even go double bigs. take note in the first four rounds try to get two pgs and two bigs no matter what if you wanna be competitive in Cats. I get wings later i the draft


    help please


    What about Giannis or Luka #3?  Who are a couple good ones to get 18, 23?  Besides Embiid...


  2. I have won 6 of 7 with the hottest team in the leeg and now DAVANTE + AARON + KEENAN = SH*T SHOW.

    I sat FANT for COOK, 20 points lost.   

    My opponent started Josh Allen.

    I was favored by 15 points and now I'm down 30 in projections.  

    Going to need my opponents to suffer some 1st qtr injuries tomorrow!  That or get multiple 30+ point games from my remaining players.  SUCCCCCCCCCk.


  3. Just now, mikeflavaz said:

    He's also fresh.  I am rolling him out as well in place of MT and I feel pretty decent about it.  Good luck DJ owners


    Do you have any info from team media etc with any details about the injury besides "active?"....looking for some reassurance.

  4. Just now, awwufelloff said:

    Allen tested his hamstring during pre-game warmups and is all systems go for Thursday Night Football. He will be on a snap count, but fantasy managers should be firing up Allen as a WR1. Keenan is currently 16th among all wideouts in the latest expert consensus rankings for Week 15.


  5. 1 hour ago, TroutFister said:

    most points, undefeated (13-0), just coasting into the playoffs...didn't realize my league commish removed byes this year...realize this on saturday, so i didn't get to do the due diligence of shoring up my defense and flex spots. 

    gaskin gets covid, dj gets covid, so i'm forced to play bernard and conner...i lose to a 5-8 team lol. what an absolute waste. 

    13-0 with Gaskin and David Johnson?  Very impressive.

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