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  1. I think the only time this really matters is if you need absolute ceiling games out of all 3 of the mentioned players, b/c huge games from Boyd/Gio probably mean TEN D won't have a huge game, b/c they'd be giving up a good amount of yards and a few TDs in order for "big" Boyd/Gio games to happen, which would limit TEN D ceiling a bit since they'd be giving up bare minimum 14 points, allowing 1 TD from each of Boyd/Gio. 95% of the time I'd ignore those concerns though.
  2. [...] might just play him against DET & MIN and call it good.
  3. You think he's going to end the 93 yard game streak?
  4. Tonight: 6 catches for 93 yards and 1 TD. 21.30 PPR pts.
  5. PPR league - unfortunately I have to drop 1 if I want to field a Kicker this week. Here's my full lineup, ideas welcome: QB: Murray (bye), Tannehill RB: Jacobs, David Johnson (bye), Gio Bernard (starting if Mixon out), Lindsay, Dobbins WR: DJ Moore (start), Tee Higgins (start), Corey Davis (flex?), CeeDee Lamb (bench), Will Fuller V (bye), Antonio Brown (susp) TE: Kittle IR: Tevin Coleman, Reagor, Goedert (IR spots full 3/3) K: none DST: LAC Who do I drop? Or should I try a 2 for 1 trade to open up a spot?
  6. Where there's smoke there's fire. The ankle should be good by now but we have a new injury, and the "punch a teammate" situation. We know MT called out Brees over politics before the season. MT got 5 targets week 1...a lot of variables here that are concerning.
  7. Not sure if this is the right place, but it looks like Yahoo has changed their player notes from the classic orange (new news) - yellow (news w/in a couple days?) - white (no recent news) to white and blue boxes. I can't seem to make sense of it, since blue and white boxes both show old and new news, it's hard to understand what they are doing. I can't make sense of the new format and it seems like a bad change. Anyone know what's going on and can explain what the new icons mean?
  8. If he sucks I can rename my team "Just Kidding Dobbins"
  9. I wouldn't like to have a pending trade sit on my team page for weeks and weeks...it's like not swiping away a notification on your phone and just leaving it there for days, personally it is annoying to have there. out of curiosity, if you just left a trade and the sender didn't cancel it, and your player(s) who they wanted to trade for got bad injuries, would you still just leave the trade there or would you then accept or decline it?
  10. Lots of variables. But when people log in to add/drop/waiver/set lineup, you can get a good idea if they are ignoring you. If it's 48 hours I almost always assume they are ignoring me.
  11. True. I hate vetos, but I got vetoed early this year. Michael Thomas for McLaurin + DJ Moore! Guess which side was ripping off the other?
  12. For some reason, some people have a mental thing that losing on a trade is the worst thing that can happen to them, and won't trade unless it's a no-brainer deal.
  13. I like to keep my trade options as open as possible and don't want to disrespect others (pretend not to notice trades) as a strategy. It's fine as long as you only let the trade set for a day or two, and you can probably get away with longer if you don't know the person/you don't know if they check their team regularly. For me, when I offer a trade that sits for 5 days, I no longer offer them any trades b/c I can't wait 1 week for a response, and if they offered me a trade later in the season, I'd maybe return the favor and not be responsive, and I'd want to easily win the trade rather than
  14. I agree with your first paragraph. But offers at least let you know someone is open to trading. I'll at least name a couple players from their team I'd be interested in, even if they weren't in the trade proposal. Just give a simple, "I want player X or Y and I'm open to offers but I don't want to trade my players A,B,C, or D. But feel free to make an offer. That should keep people from sending junk trades if they know you would only want 1 or 2 of their players. Makes it so next time they actually offer something you'd be interested in instead of their WR4/5.
  15. There are many reasons someone may not respond well (or at all) to trade offers. No matter the reason, it can close some doors for future trading with certain teams who may not want to deal with unresponsive owners. This probably isn't much of an issue to people who are less invested in FF, but if you really want to win you should keep those doors open and use offers to counter-offer and try to improve your team.
  16. Still think it's rude. Maybe they are low-balling a little to establish a starting point for a deal. They at least deserve a response, unless they offer you a new trade everyday and it's tiresome.
  17. rude to leave the trade up when you know you won't accept it...just decline it so they can move on.
  18. I find that some players either a) don't care about FF much and don't notice trade offers, or b) always reject w/o counter, so I tend to learn who is who and don't really try to trade with certain teams as it's a waste of time (unless they have a huge team need due to byes or injuries, they may be more willing). I think you should at minimum respond to an offer even if you don't counter. We have to do waivers/FA pickups, but I can't wait 5 days for you to respond, I need to fill team needs before the next set of games. I won't leave offers up for very long, as I always worry that the player
  19. PIT DST only 2 points...Hyde stole a TD from Carson just now. I am only projected 193 points now! I am only projected to win 193 - 87! I wanted that 200 mark (not yet achieved by any team this year), probably won't hit it now! Come on man! But shout out to Rodgers, Adams, Moore, Allen, Hunt, Hurst, and Swift for the big games.
  20. Can't feel comfortable playing him next week. Hope Fitz is traded and we can start Lamb in 3 weeks til end of year!
  21. Thinking of Gio over Jacobs. Hard to bench studs, but Tampa Run D is so good. Gio vs CLE, should get a good amount of receptions...in general JJ is ranked around 13-15 and Gio later teens, but name value might play in to that a bit. Crazy to start Gio?
  22. Don't think you can get much for Davis at this point. He's a 1, maybe 2 week rental.
  23. Full PPR - Starts 2 wr, 2rb, 1 flex My WR is Fuller, DJ Moore, Lamb, Tee Higgins, Antonio Brown, Reagor (IL) My RB is Jacobs, David Johnson, Gio, Lindsay, Dobbins
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