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  1. Arians should tell Brady that Brown is HIS responsibility, and put a short leash on it. I don't think many QBs/Teams could handle AB but I think Brady has the respect and control of the locker room that AB would defer and stay in line.
  2. That's a rough team. W/ the Mostert injury you have no RB in the top 20, maybe your best RB is an RB3 actually. Your WR is better but not great by any means. I'd try to get a high RB2 and a high WR2 for Hopkins + Fournette/Freeman. You can keep Jackson since he might have potential. I'd also look at trading JuJu since he's a big name and there's a lot of Steeler fans around.
  3. if he went off in weeks 9 and 10 you wouldn't play him week 11? You could trade him for quite a bit I'd imagine if you preferred. He is free right now also.
  4. If he signs and can play week 9, and you give him 2 weeks to show what he's got, then you can still get 3 regular season matchups out of him and all of the playoffs. Is there another higher upside pickup for the rest of the season?
  5. Looking for some input. 12 team PPR league, 3 IR spots per team. Pretty competitive league on it's 5th year. On Sunday morning the Chubb owner dropped him from an IR spot to pick up a streamer RB. He was dropped from an IR spot, however the team was only using 1 of their 3 IR spots, and is currently using 0 of them. After waivers were processing I noticed Chubb was on waivers and thought wtf, someone just dropped him now, why? And then I looked and saw he was actually dropped Sunday when people were preoccupied with their teams and the games starting. Only 1 team saw this and put in a c
  6. Higgins vs IND, Moore vs CHI - PPR league
  7. Rank for flex: DJ Moore vs CHI D Harris vs DEN P Lindsay @ NE
  8. ...and if he broke covid rules (if he was out at bars or something) hard to say yet
  9. At least he got 30 million this year, much more than most people will make in a lifetime. I don't feel bad that he didn't get hundreds of millions. Shoulda taken the deal!
  10. punching a teammate + injury + his "beef" w/ Brees about the flag/kneeling is making me send out a couple offers to trade him away
  11. I would attempt this if my opponent needed a shallow position and there was an obvious pick-up. If you could drop your K and pick up one of many on Sunday AM. I wouldn't mess around with picking up 3 qb or anything since you'd be dropping your likely valuable players on your own bench. If you do it a lot it's going to be obvious and people will catch on that you're being a douche. If I was in a public pay league and it's within the rules, sure. But among friends, probably not make a habit of obvious churning..
  12. Trade Ingram and O'Dell for an upgraded RB. Pick up the best WR on FA that you can. Drop Cooks. Flex James White. Depends on who you can trade with though, but RB8-16 would be what I'd shoot for, b/c Ingram isn't really startable. If nobody wants Ingram, I'd try to do O'Dell/Freeman. Another idea is to trade away Tonyan b/c his value is high and Davante Adams will be back after their bye. Maybe try to trade Mattison + something to the Cook owner for an upgrade somewhere on your team.
  13. who to start for this week only? gibson facing rams, jones vs bears tonight
  14. Hayden Hurst or Mo Alie Peepee
  15. I'd say no b/c I personally wouldn't want Eckler. They say 4-6 weeks, so you're really looking at maybe week 9/10 at best. Some doctors/FF people have basically said they'd be surprised if he played again this season. I just don't see him coming back for more like 2 months (week 12) and how long would it take him to get up to speed again. I assume for 1-2 months he won't be able to do any lower body work.
  16. How is your team so stacked? Keeper or small league? and yes I'd do that trade
  17. I wouldn't because JJ has been dealing w/ hamstring since pre-season. Now who knows how long he could be out. He is older and Matt Ryan looked bad. Russ is cookin' and the SEA O is more reliable week in, week out. I do think if JJ is back he will see more targets but it's more risky to take JJ right now IMO.
  18. Pick 1, PPR, week 5: Damien "My friends call me Damien" Harris (DEN) or David, Son of John (JAX)
  19. If Kittle would have caught that hail mary he would have had 50 PPR points. When was the last time a player has hit 50 PPR points? Ever? -I looked it up, last year Will Fuller V 53.7 pts in one game
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