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  1. I think you have to decide if you want to play Sanders first of all.  I don't know, but his recent past looks bad but he gets pretty good volume.  Your choice for flex there...

    if no Sanders, 

    Beasley if Brown is still out.  Otherwise Aiyuk.  

    If Andrews plays I'd probably play him flex, if not, Aiyuk, if Aiyuk is your WR3 and Andrews is out, Shenault at flex.

  2. 1 hour ago, Chippa said:

    He’s not a qb 2 now lmao jeez

    shoulder injury, then 9, then 17 points = 13/game last 2 games, pre injury avg over 29 points/game, he has mostly stopped running which is a big part of why he has been so good this year, i see a correlation, but obviously hope he can get back to averaging 29 points for the playoffs

  3. 2 minutes ago, StevenSC400 said:

    Why? He played the best passing defense in the nfl today and threw 3 TDs one pick. Good luck finding a backup to do better.

    Well, it's partly in frustration of my #1 player letting me down.  Since the shoulder injury he's avg. 23 rush yards/game, compared to pre-injury, he has been a big step down to QB2 status.

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  4. 23 minutes ago, BGDDYKWL said:

    I'm not saying on paper he's not a good start, but situations like this prove to disappoint FAR more often than not. I feel like every time a starter goes down and you figure the cuff will surely put up big numbers, they put up a complete dud. 

    I'm sure I could find several others, but just off the top of my head you have Mattison, Ahmed, Hill, Edmonds, Lindsay, Edwards, Snell, Boone the end of last year, and so on and so forth. These guys had bellcow opportunities and all put up absolute duds. 

    I agree with the dud stuff, but in most leagues a minimum of 24 RBs must be played and it probably averages around 30 with flex spots.  Everywhere I've looked Booker is top 20 and a few places have his as as low RB1.  I don't see how people would hesitate to play him unless they are stacked at RB.

  5. 4 hours ago, stay_woke said:


    This nonsense has got to stop, he's the RB6 on the season so far despite a slightly underwhelming season. He is an RB1. This is just the new reality of how NFL coaches use running backs. Is he a high end RB1 - no, is he a RB2 - no, he is a back end RB1 plain and simple. Just because it's not like it was in years past doesn't mean there are now 4 RB1s and 20 RB2s, it simply doesn't work that way. 

    JJ has a respectable 15.7 PPR average (#13 PPR), however if you take out his 2 huge games, he averages just under 12 PPR points/game (#29 PPR).  He also has 3 games of under 10 points, 2 of them being total bust games of 5 or 6 points (PPR).  As a JJ owner, I expect a mid RB2 performance weekly, with upside.  I am a bit disappointed overall with his performance, but I realize it could be much worse.

  6. 32 minutes ago, SteelersScotty said:

    [...] do we think he is worth re-adding?

    The TD was nice, but his line wasn't that great without that. Worried he might be TD dependent the rest of the season, [...]

    I have him in a 12 team and haven't strongly considered dropping him yet.  Next week vs. MIA, then 2 of the 3 playoff weeks he plays DAL and HOU.  I'm going to see how he does next week and consider him in those great matchups, but it all depends on who else you have.

  7. 24 minutes ago, meverett85 said:


    It's interesting to see folks' opinion on this one.....seems like the 1st 5 responses were pretty much in agreement that I was in the wrong and that the commish did the right thing.

    You've heard time and time again that the only rule is no collusion.....if there is a bad trade w/out collusion you don't veto, etc. Simply rethink inviting members back for the next season.

    In this particular case, obviously I didn't hack the system....simply took advantage of a platform exploit. Unable to make any roster changes so it really was a questionable strategy....but should have been my choice IMO.

    Taysom Hill @ TE is a bad situation, glad I'm not in an ESPN league.  He should have probably talked to you/the league and got you to agree to not play him at TE, but if you insisted since it's within the rules, I don't think they should be able to do anything about it.  It's really ESPN they are mad at, not you.  That leave it open to change lineups just because in the future.  Hopefully you'll win some $ anyways and it won't matter, but if it causes you to lose, I'd have to think paying or not.  

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  8. 4 hours ago, meverett85 said:

    My league's commissioner modified my lineup this morning w/out saying a word to me. He removed Taysom Hill from the TE position. I quit the league on the spot....and don't plan on paying my dues.

    what did you say to him and how'd the conversation go, interested

  9. This is like the Taysom Hill situation where he had TE eligibility and everyone wanted to get in on the cheat code.  In this situation most of us have WR projected for 10+ in the flex so a practice squad WR/QB against a real good D isn't as enticing.  I would only play him if my flex was under 10 points projected or I needed a miracle to win my matchup.  However it would be fun and exciting to play him just to see what happens.  Hope it makes the day more exciting for people if nothing else.

  10. 2 hours ago, STEVEfromLA said:

    12 team league.  Team that dropped D Johnson chases after every shiny WW prospect and made a dumb choice. Not a joke. So I drop Woods, Diontae or AJ?

    Who is your Qb/te?  

    Depending on your lineup and matchup, I'd try to not drop anyone and see how the early games go, and if you're ahead big, just keep the team together another week.  That requires having a few K available for you to pick up in the late games - tuesday game.  (Can you still trade anyone?  Can you drop anyone else te/qbs?

    I can't imagine dropping any of those guys.  I'm in 1st in a 12 teamer and basically all of your WR are better than all of my WR, my top WR being Fuller, DJ Moore.  

  11. 4 hours ago, STEVEfromLA said:

    I rolled the dice, dropped my kicker to pick up Diontae Johnson on waivers  

    Help me pick who I cut to make a spot for kicker. This is disgusting but I’m on verge of missing the playoffs

    pick one to drop

    RBs: CMC, Hunt, Ekeler, Robinson, Sanders, Carson

    WR: Thomas, Ridley, McLaurin, AJ Brown, Woods, Diontae Johnson

    repeat, this is disgusting and have to win out just to get in  


    How many teams in your league?  Why did someone drop Dionte Johnson?  Is this post a joke?

  12. He's the #15 PPR WR this year.  In games 1-3 this year w/ Trubisky, he averaged 6 catches on 10.3 targets and 15.63 ppr points/game.  Trubisky should be the QB next week.   He has had double digit ppr points in 9 of 10 games this year.  His playoff schedule is vs HOU, @ MIN (dome), @ JAX.  He is bare minimum a wr2 unless they go to a 3rd string QB.  

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