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  1. Has anyone changed their team name to reflect Mo Alie Cox?
  2. If James White is out and Lindsay plays, which is best PPR options this week.
  3. i think the biggest problem with this trade is IF the team with no 1-3 rd picks next year quits, you won't be able to fill that spot in the league and you have to figure out what you'd do.
  4. IMO that's a bad deal for the team getting Kupp/Ingram but there's many variables. The real question is, do both teams know what they are doing? Is one team going to leave the league after this year since he gave up those picks? That's kinda like giving up on next year for Kupp and Ingram, which is not worth it. Maybe if you were getting Kupp + J Taylor or something, but it seems way lopsided. I imagine the guy is gonna quit next year or doesn't know what he's doing.
  5. Any advice on how to handle this situation for fantasy? We are trying to decide if we should add BN spots before or after waivers this week?
  6. looked really bad - i'd guess he's out the next few games, minimum
  7. Look at Rex Burkhead's 35 ppr points today. Will Mixon ever sniff that all year?
  8. Anyone starting Burkhead this week only? I'm desperate with Dobbins as my #2, and he got almost nothing last week. My feeling is Rex is a safer floor but way lower ceiling.
  9. James White out. Yahoo has Burkhead predicted for 11 and Dobbins for 8. Burkhead on FA. SHould I drop my last bench guy to start Burkhead? Seems potentially safer floor maybe...
  10. Best waiver for this week is maybe Rex Burkhead (James White out), Phillip Lindsay (bench stash)
  11. Hines vs NYJ Dobbins vs KC Perine @ IND Seriously, this is what I've got behind Josh Jacobs, what do I do? (PPR)
  12. I played defense by putting in a claim on him just in case my opponent wanted him b/c he needed a WR due to injuries. I got him this morning, and my opponent actually did put in a claim on him, I was surprised I called it, I'm sure he'll be pissed to see his claim was unsuccessful, to his opponent this week at that. I should keep DJax on bench, correct? WR: Ridley, Moore, Fuller, Lamb, Jackson I'll start 3 WR total.
  13. Today news out that Texans and "other teams" may be interested. If he signs somewhere, will he be able to play week 9? He's 32, not too old, hopefully fresh from not playing in a while, but maybe rusty. Trying to decide if he's worth a stash "just in case."
  14. I have 1 empty roster spot due to a trade. Are there any WR who could potentially do great in 2nd half of season who are widely available? My league is 3WR so there it's pretty bare. Best young ones I can tell (limited knowledge) = Boykin, Tee Higgins, Reagor, Jeffrey... I could also stash Sample, Pollard, or Edmonds...
  15. I hope he can be a top 12 QB ROS. He has a great schedule coming up. Lord knows I need it with drafting/dropped Wentz and my Mineshew start tonight.
  16. I really don't feel good about starting Williams over Hunt, but isn't this the best game to play him? In theory he blows up at some point and the NEXT week you play him, but if you can play him when he blows up, that's ideal. I'm gonna YOLO and start Minshew/Shenault/Williams tonight, I think.
  17. Over 10 PPR points games 1 and 2. No Chark tonight. Against Miami. I am starting him, and Minshew, and hoping for 35 combined points.
  18. That's why I picked him up, but I don't think I can drop Burrow. Do you?
  19. I picked up Herbert the other day b/c I watched the game, but already have Kyler Murray and Burrow. I need RB help b/c injuries. Who to drop to pick up PHILLIP LINDSAY? Herbert Hines Burrow My RBs: Jacobs, Moss, Dobbins, Hines My QB: Murray, Burrow, Herbert
  20. Need some RB depth for PPR, which should I pick up?
  21. PPR. Which side wins? Goedert is my TE2. Mixon owner has Eckler, Kerryon, Gibson, Murray, Snell
  22. Looks like justice was served and a veto was issued. Will take y'alls advice going forward with any other shady trades.
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