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  1. That's why I picked him up, but I don't think I can drop Burrow. Do you?
  2. I picked up Herbert the other day b/c I watched the game, but already have Kyler Murray and Burrow. I need RB help b/c injuries. Who to drop to pick up PHILLIP LINDSAY? Herbert Hines Burrow My RBs: Jacobs, Moss, Dobbins, Hines My QB: Murray, Burrow, Herbert
  3. Need some RB depth for PPR, which should I pick up?
  4. PPR. Which side wins? Goedert is my TE2. Mixon owner has Eckler, Kerryon, Gibson, Murray, Snell
  5. Looks like justice was served and a veto was issued. Will take y'alls advice going forward with any other shady trades.
  6. Have to bench him until he puts up at least 1 good healthy week, preferably 2 good weeks. For sure can't trade him right now. Just bench and hope he comes around before long.
  7. Stream Lester for game tomorrow against PIT? I think I'm already going to stash Singer tomorrow...but my league gets 6 pickups.
  8. Made the finals! 6 pick ups this week, should I go McCullers who is @ SEA and @ TX this week? Lester @ PIT tomorrow then drop Singer vs STL then vs DET ...or should I do multiple of these?
  9. A team who has said they don't want to be in the keeper league next year is trying to trade M Thomas for Pittman Jr and N'Keal Harry. PPR, 8 teams make playoffs out of 12 total / NO BYE WEEKS! (so basically it's all about weeks 14-16) --------- 3 player keeper no matter when drafted And he is trading away Thomas to his son. What do you think?
  10. He's going to probably be a weekly mid - low end rb2 unless something drastic changes so you kinda have to at least flex him unless you're loaded.
  11. PPR need 2 wr / 1 flex DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley, Will Fuller, Scotty Miller, Lamb, Z Moss who to start?
  12. I would b/c I think the top 3 by a pretty wide margin are Cook, Jones, and Godwin, and in a 10 team league, lots of good FA available.
  13. PPR: Can only play 3, who should I sit? Mixon/Hunt (TNF against each other @ CLE) Carson vs NE Hines vs MIN
  14. w/ Thomas out "a few" weeks...this a fair trade (also keeper, 3 keepers/team)...i have carson and am trying to play the long game as the owner said Thomas is on the block.
  15. Thinking about dropping Wentz. His next 5 games, LAR, CIN, SF, PIT, BAL
  16. I know waivers process sometimes overnight on Tuesdays going into Wednesday. Does anyone know the specific time that unclaimed players become free agents? Would like to be the first to snag a player who I don't think will be claimed. Hope this is the right place to ask.
  17. I have #1 priority. Starts 2 rb, 1 flex, full ppr My rbs: Mixon/Carson/Hunt/Hyde or wait and hope I can use it on Pollard, Edmonds, Darrell Williams etc, if a big injury happens later on? this league lets 8 of 12 in playoffs, no byes, so only playoff weeks really matter
  18. u got like 100 pts from 3 players and are losing by a wide margain?
  19. Who ya got? Need to make the move before the games start.
  20. I think they have to play this week, somewhere. They can't just skip a game or make it up later. It's not baseball...they can't do a double-header or do an extra game on a Wednesday lol. I bet they play at an alternative site and announce that today.
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