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  1. Which qb/te pair would you rather have in a PPR league?
  2. I got PIT but they have BAL, bye, DAL weeks 7-9, is LAC a good fill in? I know they lost Derwin James, but LAC schedule 7-9 is MIA,JAX,LV...is LAC still a top 10 or not anymore?
  3. If Montgomery is only out a week or two, wouldn't Patterson only be valuable for 1 or 2 weeks? So, maybe just get lucky and start him at WR week 1 if he is labeled the starter? How would he be a league winner unless he is the starter for the whole year and started at a WR slot?
  4. For fantasy this sucks, but as a life long Lions "fan" this is awesome.
  5. what if i could get lamar, mahomes, dak, kyler, and one of wilson or watson
  6. woops, not Kittle, but everyone else is correct
  7. i ended up w Lamar jackson/Dak/Kyler/Brady Damien Harris/James White/Sony/Kerryon Landry/Crowder/Kirk/Desean jackson Kelce/Kittle/Andrews/Ertz/Hurst no k or dst
  8. strategy: from pick 10, 12 team ppr, spend first 6 rounds on either te or qb, monopolize, then trade b/c i own all the best of 1 position? good strategy? it would just be fun, i wouldn't risk a lot of $, but for a $50 non keeper league? what say you?
  9. Nobody said that; you are assuming that. We are not allowed to discuss the cancellation of sporting events on a sports website now?
  10. If any player mentions they should boycott, the whole team will go along. In the big picture though, I feel that they are doing the only thing they feel like they have the power to do, which is boycott. I don't see them continuing this, but who knows. What would their demands be? Who could give in to their demands? No one person can stop or change police brutality or racism. Any insight?
  11. similar, but cin made playoffs 5 years in a row from 2011-2015, lions could only dream of that streak
  12. if Hunt went to CHI, you still think he'd be a 1st rd pick? would he just be the guy all year even if Montgomery came back?
  13. Anyone holding him after the injury? I have him b/c I also drafted Akers, trying to decide if I should drop Henderson and move to other opportunities such as possibly Devonta Freeman now that Montgomery is injured.
  14. Anyone have any idea on a timeline? A quick search showed recovery time from a grain strain can be anywhere from a couple week to 6 or maybe more if it's more severe. 6 weeks would have him missing weeks 1-4 probably. Week 1 is 2.5 weeks away so I would guess he is limited or misses at least 1 game...
  15. what kind of value would he have if he goes to chicago?
  16. If they did, where do you think you would rank Freeman?
  17. I am a Lions fan but don't follow the team closely. All I know is even if they start the season 6-0, they still won't make the playoffs. They haven't won a playoff game since 1991.
  18. Why would you not let someone flex a TE if they wanted? Re-vote with the top 2 options i guess and if it's still tied flip a coin.
  19. He can hopefully do good but he's not a sure fire qb1. He is a guy who could be a qb1 or could be 15-20th best qb. hard to get super excited about someone who has been in the league 10 years. How many times has he been a top 5 fantasy QB? Anyone know? I doubt ever.
  20. Stafford, hard to get excited about, has been in the league a long time, gets hurt a lot, but should have some big games. Got him as my backup towards end of draft. Hopefully he works out, but there's a reason you can get him at the end of a draft...
  21. FWIW, Mixon's NFC ADP for the past week (20 drafts) is 9.95, with ranges from 7-16. This goes for the "Online" leagues costing $350.00/team, so you'd assume these rankings are better than Yahoo public ADP.
  22. I got him at 33. His NFC ADP is about 33 or 34...I'm sure he will be solid 3rd rounder due to the lack of workhorse RBs available.
  23. New league I am participating in, 12 team ppr, playoffs are weeks 14-16 --- 8 of 12 teams make the playoffs, NO BYES, so essentially 1st or 8th doesn't matter a ton, just gotta do well in the playoffs. So without being too cute, is there any players who have a great playoff schedule that I should be targeting early in the season before people think that far out?
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