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  1. Do you have any analysis on why he should be taken in the 60s or 70s over Hoskins/Mancini/Bell a couple rounds later?
  2. Keeper league - around 6 1b have been kept, I have none. Best available is LeMahieu, Abreu, Grandal, Bell, Hoskins I am mostly interested in perspectives on LeMahieu, if he would be work a pick in the 60s of a H2H league. Or should I just wait and get someone around pick 130-150.
  3. deGrom keeper, should have a choice between Clevinger, Castillo, Giolioto, Glasnow, Berrios Are they all relatively equal or are there clear favorites? (W/K/ERA/WHIP) << Stats for SPs in my league.
  4. I'm sure nobody cares but I traded Snell for #9 overall and a swap of 6th and 9th rounders in my favor. Now I keep Bichette and have picks 2, 9, 12 in a 10 team, not too bad.
  5. Bichette would be my 6th player...that makes...Ketel Marte my 5th player...want me to drop Marte for Eloy?
  6. The thing is I have Eloy and Snell on my team now but can only keep 6 players...Tried to trade Eloy but no luck so far, so I would not be able to pick snell 1 or 2, but potentially someone like clevinger and i kinda want Robert but may try and wait until pick 12 (72) to snag him.
  7. new situation, i can trade Snell for #1 overall pick (pick 61), and i also have overall pick #2.i don't have a 3rd or 5th round pick due to trades. Team A Acuna, Soto, Marte, Rendon, deGrom, Bichette (1st and 2nd overall pick) Team B Acuna Soto Marte Rendon deGrom Snell (2nd overall pick)
  8. Abreau, Anderson, Gallen, Morton, Yates, i don't know
  9. 6 keepers: Acuna, Soto, Rendon, K Marte, deGrom and Snell injured (somewhat) unsure how it will play out, and I can keep Bo BIchette or Eloy instead of Snell...I have 2 days to set my keepers. HELP!
  10. now, do you think he is good enough to draft in that first round pick 62 if the keeper league expands to 7 players for next year? or should i take a solid SP, a 15-20th ranked SP? Also, I do have Acuna and Soto so I could dominate the OF for years to come if Robert is legit.
  11. Drafting in a keeper league soon, unfortunately only 6 keepers, but which of those 3 players would you take a shot on in a keeper league? They will both be available at pick 61 where the draft starts...
  12. I don't know that I can sell him - maybe, but he would be one of my 6 keepers (new keeper league started last year) I can't imagine not keeping him, meaning more or less he is not a top 60 player...
  13. My league is 10 teams 6 keepers so that's saying you wouldn't keep Rendon as a top-60 pick which seems absurd considering last year he was drafted mid/late 30s and blew up. I just can't see how I would take another guy over him like Eloy/Bo...even though they are so young, still I feel Rendon should have a good handful of years left...
  14. 2017 and 2018 he hit .301 and .308, last year hit .319 HRS went from 24/25 to 34, RBI from 92/100 to 126 He was 6th and 11th place in MVP voting in 2017 and 2018...last year 3rd I see he did about 10-15% better last year the the previous couple years but do we really think he crashes below what he did his age 27, 28 seasons???
  15. h2h, R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS and W/SV/K/ERA/WHIP
  16. A lot of Eloy/Bichette but I don't know I'm kind of stuck on Snell since that would be SP2 for me, and I have two top top OFs already Acuna/Soto, and OF is easiest position to fill...is ELOY gonna be THAT great?
  17. I don't see how I would drop Rendon, yeah he's 29 but I mean he was a top 10 hitter last year
  18. What does "throw your 4th player back" mean?
  19. Yes I believe I can trade before the draft. I am thinking of trying to get Jack Flaherty in exchange for Snell/Eloy. If I traded it would only make sense for someone to take on someone they would in turn keep, and with only 6 keepers this year it's going to have to be one of those top names, not Gallen/Soroka, but just Eloy, Snell, maybe Severino...
  20. Good thoughts. Yes the Acuna/Soto OF situation is in play. Technically I'd like another SP but I can always do trades. I have a proposal to send Snell and Eloy for Jack Flaherty in which case I go Acuna/Soto/Rendon/Marte & DeGrom/Flaherty and he would keep Eloy and Snell as his 5th and 6th keepers
  21. Keeping for sure: Acuna, Soto, Rendon, deGrom Last 2: Ketel Marte, Eloy, Bichette, Josh Bell, Snell, Severino, Soroka, Gallen
  22. Make that 29.23 from Boone in PPR! Improbable but not impossible.
  23. well he had 17 at half and 21 total, i need 30 from Boone, Yahoo says 9%
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