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  1. Reached out and have a few possible deals on the table/looking for thoughts and direction.

    Looking for 1b, I have a lot of SP depth and MI depth

    Matt Olson for Trevor Rogers

    Rizzo for Trevor Rogers

    Alonso for Bauer (+pick swap)

    Bellinger for Bichette (+pick swap) (I'd like to wait and see on how Bellinger does, have Jazz, Wander, Ketel, Solak, Segura for MI depth behind Bo).

    could also attempt to get Kris Bryant w 1b elig on Yahoo for Trevor Rogers and possibly add some pick compensation there.


  2. I understand that hate for trading Soto.  I did not take it lightly.  It is a keep 6, and moving to a keep 5 if we expand league size.  

    We are allowed to trade excess keeper quality players after the year for picks.  I will keep Wander barring him completely sucking, but he is the top prospect since Trout or Vlad Jr.  I feel comfortable with him.  I also feel very confident that Woodruff will be tradable for a 1st round pick to another less fortunate team.  He is a top 10 fantasy player this year so far.  He will be somebody's Ace next year.  Jazz is a wild card, could pan out and be valuable, could not - same as Rendon, who likely will not be kept unless a miracle happens, but he is looking bad.  

    On top of that I got an upgraded draft pick.  

    I also find it much easier to fill out a solid OF than MI (I do have Acuna and Robert).  I give some added value to a guy who will be 2b,ss,3b eligable, probably.  

    I guess time will tell if I made a good or bad move.


  3. 4 minutes ago, Dark One said:

    I absolutely cannot wait until the day comes when this question never needs to be asked again.

    people don't know so they ask and if people don't answer it will continue to be asked,...so, when is super 2?

  4. I wonder what would be considered fair.  Maybe could ask for Walker Buehler instead of Rodon since he's getting shelled today.

    I think maybe i view wander as a keeper and a good future bet and jazz also can play now and could be a real good power speed combo.

  5. 1 hour ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

    Still a pass for me..

    out of curiosity, would rodon and jazz be keepers for you?




    I would guess 1 of the 3 would be keepers for me, maybe 2.  I do have only 5 keeper spots and Acuna, deGrom, Bichette, Burnes, Bauer

  6. 52 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

    two aces and a top 50 overall 5x5 player who heating up 4 one soto? even in 10 teamer thats too much value not to move soto

    assuming you will have 5 superstars to keep  with ease.

    + Framber Valdez who is about to come back in a couple weeks.

  7. 1 hour ago, fishingguy12345 said:

    I'd rather keep Soto, even though I love Woodruff and Buehler.



    Yes, I just don't know if I'm getting too attached to Soto.  Tucker could be quite good then 2 top 15ish SPs, granted they maybe aren't the top elite pitchers.  

    Framber Valdez is coming back in a few weeks also, so it's a close one.

  8. Soto + Framber Valdez 


    Tucker, Woodruff, Buehler

    10 team 11 cats (r/hr/rbi/sb/avg/ops - w/sv/k/era/whip

    5 keepers/team, keep forever

    My OF would be Acuna, Winker, Kelenic, Tucker




  9. Should he be picked up in a 10 team league?  I'd like to snag him and see what happens, but I don't really have the luxury of sitting him on the bench for the next 4 weeks.  From what I hear people are saying after Super 2s deadline in mid June, but I don't know about Super 2s.  

  10. He seems to be on a hot steak and has 7 SB so far, batting leadoff for the Tigers.  

    37% owned in Yahoo (+30% past day)  He seems to be almost a hot pickup, but his past doesn't really warrant this, and he has never stolen many bases.  He's also 31, so not sure the SBs will continue at this pace.

    Anyone have thoughts on him and if he is worth an add?

  11. 2 hours ago, Ben Edelman said:

    That might change things in a bit. In a 6-keeper 10-team league, do you keep Wander?  Is he a top-60 draft pick next year?  Probably, but it's not incredibly obvious.

    Thinking to next year, your keepers are Acuna, Soto, Bauer, deGrom, Burnes, and one of Bichette, Rendon, Ketel. If you make this deal you'll get to keep two of Bichette, Rendon, Ketel, Wander. Giolito isn't pitching well enough to be in the conversation, ditto Robert and hitting.

    With that in mind, I think you hold tight. Wander's keeper value isn't that much greater than, say, Bichette or Ketel. At least not yet. Frankly, your team is so good that Wander doesn't make it obviously better!!!!!!!

    i would think Acuna, Soto, Bichette, deGrom, Burnes are pretty much locks for me, and last keeper would depend on how the season plays out but Kelenic, Robert, Marte, Bauer, if I got Wander I'd hope he pans out and keep him and deal deGrom for a lot of picks.  

    ...that said, i was denied on my offers as the wander owner is very high on him and not selling unless he gets a kings ransom

  12. Just now, Ben Edelman said:

    Keep forever?  Gotta take the Wander side. deGrom is almost 33 and Burnes is good, but not as good as Franco will likely be. deGrom is the best pitcher in baseball, but I'll take 15-20 years of Wander (plus Giolito) over 5-7 more good years from deGrom.

    Keep for only 1-2 more years? Take the best player in the deal right now who is deGrom.

    Burnes shouldn't be under consideration if deGrom is on the table.

    Yes keep forever however forever is a long time and I'm realistically caring about the next couple of years.  

    I would be trading degrom, but i'm loaded with talent from drafting and trading well

    acuna, soto, bichette, kelenic, ketel, rendon, robert, degrom, burnes, bauer, lot of luck and good pickups over past few years.  

    and i can only keep 6 of those above and the rest i'd use as trade bait to get picks in the offseason 

  13. 1 hour ago, Richard Kimble said:

    No one came to your aid in time, but we must know who did you pick? Did you win the category? Inquiring minds want to know. Next time, just look at recent usage and make an educated guess than create a post-more is lost by indecision than wrong decision. Those 2 minutes of writing this could have been used for research. 

    i picked up Minter a couple minutes after the game started, my computer clock was slow, but i did get Minter and he was stuck on my bench, he pitched but no Ks so i just wasted a move...oh well, i'll drop him tomorrow i guess


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