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  1. PPR: 1. Mostert or Singletary? 2. DJ Moore, Perriman, or Anthony MIller 3. NE or DEN DST WHIR.
  2. Start: NE (vs BUF) or DEN (vs DET) NE has been great but Buffalo has something to prove and has been good at limiting turnovers lately. DEN is home and playing DETs 3rd string QB. DET has thrown multiple INTs the last few weeks.
  3. id play him he wont get negative pts
  4. Last 3 games (BAL, DAL, DEN) all in the top 15 hardest for fantasy RB to go against. Average 17.3 carries & 86 yards + 3.3 catches He has a PPR avg of 16.4 PPG and has only 1 TD in those 3 games.
  5. Mostert/Singletary both looking real good lately, Bell not so much
  6. I would not start Conner. Maybe Anderson gets a lot of balls b/c they will be down to BAL. Mine?
  7. I would probably go Hunt unless I needed a high high ceiling then Brown. Bell might be kinda safe but also likely to not do much. Help mine:
  8. Ingram is safer IMO, although Shanahan just said Mostert is going to be their #1 b/c he has proved it lately and they can't deny him that. I am starting Mostert but would rather Ingram.
  9. Looking for advice on which QB for finals week. I'm at least guaranteed to play for 3rd place.
  10. Shanahan on Mostert's role: https://www.sfchronicle.com/49ers/article/49ers-Shanahan-on-Mostert-s-leading-role-14897719.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  11. Semi's need 1 RB and 1 FLEX Waiver (highest projections) = Laird, Amendola, R Cobb, C Conley, AJ Brown, D Washington (OAKRB)
  12. Need 1 from each PPR! Thinking Cole Beasley may get a ton of targets against BAL b/c they could be down and throwing a lot. Chark is my 3rd option today with Moore & Landry. This is the same reason I think I might play Snell over Singletary. AZ gives up 20+ points almost every game and thinking Snell is safer.
  13. PPR league, need one RB this week: Singletary @ DAL Thursday Snell vs. CIN Sunday (Starting Chris Carson most likely and benching DJ.)
  14. get jeff wilssssssssssson if he no plays
  15. I picked up OAK b/c NE did pretty bad last time out and OAK is playing CIN who are 0-9 with a new QB. It is a 12 team league; top TEs are OJ Howard, Fant, Doyle, Goedert Off waivers tomorrow: Jonnu Smith, Gesicki, V Macdonald If I do pick up a TE I'm thinking it's OJ Howard vs ATL but not sure
  16. Got NE @ PHI and OAK vs CIN. Just picked up OAK this week on waivers but looking to snag a TE early for Kelce's bye next week. If I drop OAK now, they won't clear waivers and nobody else can use them by this Sunday. I have 12th waiver now, and 2 other teams are likely to pick up TE next waiver period. What you think?
  17. IF Breida is out, is Mostert a Must Start?
  18. maybe but when they are on ur team losing u matchups, after a while you wanna try something new, same situation with DJ on my team, might start Mostert instead, tired of 0 pts from DJ.
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