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  1. Would you trade away Stanton and Yates for Correa and Margevivious?  I don't want the SP, but interested in Correa, my SS is Jorge Polanco and I have Acuna, Soto, Robles, Puig in OF already.  This is a 6-player keeper league, h2h.  I also have Yates, Vazquez, Doolittle, Strop, Holland, Neris, Diego Castillo for saves.


  2. 1 hour ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

    what's your wavier wire lookin like? what are your offensive categories? your team looks pretty decent but you're lacking speed. I would try to make a trade for someone like D. Gordon where you wont have to give up too much. You have to try to weather the storm of injuries right now - once everyone comes back your team will be very solid. you're still going to need to make a move for some stolen base help though. 

    Top SBs available players that are ranked top 300 = Wong, Buxton, Danny Santana, Dwight Smith Jr, not much...

  3. Is my offense really THAT bad?  What moves should I make?  I am 7-23 in all offensive categories this season.

    Wilson Ramos

    Yandy Diaz/ Josh Bell

    Ozzie Albies

    Jorge Polanco

    Anthony Rendon




    Util: Kike Hernandez, Ketel Marte, Shohei Ohtani 




  4. 1 hour ago, DFWSooner said:

    Impossible to say without seeing the rest of your roster.



    Diaz, vogelbach

    Albies, kingery

    Tucker, Kike, hampson

    Rendon, shaw

    Soto, acuna, puig, stanton, robles, ohtani

    Morton, ryu, fried

    Yates, vazquez, doolittle, strop, holland, morrow, d castillo, neris, 


  5. "The Marmol" strategy is getting me last place, even though I have won 3 of 5 P cats/week except one week I won 2.

    c - ramos

    1b - vogelbach, shaw, yandy

    2b - ozzie

    ss - peraza, hampson

    3b - rendon

    of - acuna, soto, robles, puig, stanton

    others - Kike hernandez, hampson, ohtani

    sp - morton, ryu, fried

    rp - doolittle, castillo, yates, holland, strop, morrow, vazquez, neris

    I use 2 UTIL, 3 OF, 1 of each other position, 10 team league h2h,  Just had some bad luck and some cold players but wondering if anyone has any ideas of ways to upgrade offense.

    I get about 10 saves/week and can only start 6 RP so I'm mosty looking to offensive changes.  i've gotten smoked in Offense pretty bad like 5-1 every week.

    i am losing 7-3 to last place team and will be 10th place next week.


  6. 38 minutes ago, arbys5for5 said:

    He has been and I like him.  Segura left with hamstring issue today so hes got a much clearer path to playing time at least in the short term.  If he keeps crushing it he will keep playing.  I'm picking him up before someone else does or he gets too expensive.

    i picked him up for Galvis, worth a shot...i like the lotto picks once in a while, until i use 75% of my pickups for the year


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