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  1. Ramos Diaz, vogelbach Albies, kingery Tucker, Kike, hampson Rendon, shaw Soto, acuna, puig, stanton, robles, ohtani Morton, ryu, fried Yates, vazquez, doolittle, strop, holland, morrow, d castillo, neris,
  2. My Soto/Yates for his Bryant/Correa? h2h, keeper (6 players)
  3. You feel "ok" when not swininging or twisting with an oblique strain but a swing is really painful. I'd imagine he is out for 1 month.
  4. it is marmol strategy, win era, whip, sv, min 15 IP, so punnting SP cept a couple low ratio guys to make up innings
  5. "The Marmol" strategy is getting me last place, even though I have won 3 of 5 P cats/week except one week I won 2. c - ramos 1b - vogelbach, shaw, yandy 2b - ozzie ss - peraza, hampson 3b - rendon of - acuna, soto, robles, puig, stanton others - Kike hernandez, hampson, ohtani sp - morton, ryu, fried rp - doolittle, castillo, yates, holland, strop, morrow, vazquez, neris I use 2 UTIL, 3 OF, 1 of each other position, 10 team league h2h, Just had some bad luck and some cold players but wondering if anyone has any ideas of ways to upgrade offense. I get about 10 saves/week and can only start 6 RP so I'm mosty looking to offensive changes. i've gotten smoked in Offense pretty bad like 5-1 every week. i am losing 7-3 to last place team and will be 10th place next week.
  6. i picked him up for Galvis, worth a shot...i like the lotto picks once in a while, until i use 75% of my pickups for the year
  7. Drop Travis Shaw, Galvis, Yandy Diaz? I have like 4 bench hitters so I don't need to play a guy everyday (Kingery) but he's been crushing it.
  8. Garret Son of Hamp with the jack johnson! too bad he's on my bench
  9. He could end up like Kenny Rogers...Kenny Rogers Roasters...Max Fried Chicken...if he is so inclined...
  10. Ryan McMahon vs. Pablo Lopez (MIA) Travis Shaw vs. Dakota Hudson (STL) Keke Hernandez vs. Zack Godley (ARI) Yuli Gurriel vs. Tyler Glasnow (TB)
  11. Should he be grabbed in all leagues at this point? Or too small sample size to tell...?
  12. Any word on when he might pitch? Was drafted and dropped in my league. Considering picking him up, even relief innings will work for my strategy.
  13. Start McMahon vs. Jose Urena or Victor Robles vs. deGrom ?
  14. So the manager has to give up the info Wed latest right? Or are we expecting to hear sooner than that?
  15. You think Reyes' ratios will be good? I see his past stats were great as far as ERA/WHIP, but not quite so good this spring. Any input on that?
  16. Marmol strategy. Need innings, era, whip. Not concerned that he is a middle-reliever. Any idea how many innings/week Reyes will get? How will his ratios be? Anything helps.
  17. Here - closers are always good trade bait, especially when 2 teams in my league have 12 of the closers.
  18. is it even worth it to add him if you're not desperate for a closer? maybe trade bait
  19. MLB.com video section has a 1 minute clip of the incident if anyone hasn't seen it yet
  20. Have Acuna, Peraza, and McMahon in both my leagues. Drafted 7th and 8th (7th is a new keeper league).
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