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  1. 2 hours ago, 6Kill said:

    5x5 12 team roto

    C- Realmuto

    1B- Murphy

    2B- Tuve

    3B- Donaldson

    SS- Story

    OF- Cutch, Robles, Peralta

    UT- Voit, Desmond

    SP- Bauer, Clevinger, Morton, Happ, Arrieta, McHugh

    RP- Colome, Greene

    Bench- Betances, Marco Gonzales, Scooter, Kepler, Cesar



    Good job.  Not fan of Desmond, might want another closer, but overall real good

  2. Here is my team for context

    C Ramos                                      SP - Morton, Ryu, Diego Castillo

    1b shaw (1b, 2b, 3b)                     CL - Yates, Velazquez, Doolittle, Strop/Morrow,

    2b ozzie                                        RP/maybe CL - C. Green, Robertson PHI

    ss peraza                                      w/ Seranthony I'd have 5 for sure closers since I have Robertson

    3b rendon

    of acuna, soto, stanton

    util puig, robles

    bn ohtani, yuli gurriel (1b, 2b, 3b) McMahon (1b, 2b, 3b) Hampson (2b, ss)

    Have plenty I can put into 2b.  that's why I'm ok with Albies going out.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Raymanta said:

    Among the closing candidates in all the unsettled bullpens, which would you say would be the best speculative adds right now? (I don't mean the best candidate in each bullpen; I mean, how would you rank the players among the following group.) I'm going to eliminate the guys who are widely considered to be the closer going forward (like Bradley in Arizona, Colome in Chicago, and Barnes in Boston), even if that turns out to be wrong.

    Here's the group:

    Greg Holland--ARI

    Yoshi Hirano--ARI

    Ryan Brasier--BOS

    Kelvin Herrera--CWS

    Brad Boxberger--KC

    Sergio Romo--MIA

    Drew Steckenrider--MIA

    Blake Parker--MIN

    Trevor May--MIN

    Mark Melancon--SF


    I think my top five speculative relievers, right now, may be Parker, Hirano, Boxberger, Romo, and May, in that order.  Anyone else?

    I would add in this order: May, Braiser, Romo 

    I would not pick up: Melancon

  4. 2 hours ago, Idoolittle said:

    We roster 2 closers and I currently have Doolittle and Knebel. With Knebel being hurt and the Brewers possibly looking to pick up Kimbrel, I'm thinking I might drop him for another closer.

    Who should I pick up?
    Cats are W, Saves, K, ERA, WHIP

    Matt Barnes (BOS)
    Alex Colome (CWS)
    Seranthony Dominguez (PHI)
    Hunter Strickland (SEA)
    Mychal Givens (BAL)
    Arodys Vizcaino / AJ Minter (ATL)

    Strickland > Barnes > Colome > Seranthony > ATLs > Givens

    Personal preference.  Stickland is safest bet.  Seranthony and Barnes have good upside being on BOS/PHI.  Givens is "safe" as he is a closer.  ATL is a mix, committee, Colome also closer.  depends what you want.

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  5. 10 team h2h keeper 

    I get:

    Rizzo & Seranthony

    I give:

    Albies & C Morton

    Explaination: I am doing Marmol.  I have D Robertson (thus wanting Seranthony).  This would lock down 5 closers for me.   ---  I also have Shaw, Y Gurriel,  R McMahon all 2b eligible.  He has Goldy and 4 total 1b eligible, and I know he already tried to trade Rizzo.  Things look good to me.  Opinions?

  6. 24 minutes ago, MrBrown said:

    What do people think about the Cubs situation?  I drafted Carl Edwards Jr. with like my very last pick of the draft  I think he has a chance to be closer but they might go with a "closer by committee"

    Gonna be Strop if he's ready to go until Morrow gets back from injury.  

  7. 1 minute ago, Ben Edelman said:

    Yes, that is crazy. 

    Your team is designed to dominate on offense and saves, ERA and WHIP, while punting on Ks and Ws.  That's a very good strategy in H2H. Upgrading from Pedro Strop to Edwin Diaz doesn't really advance your cause, however, since you will be in the same situation with a weaker offense.

    What you need is better SP.  Morton and Ryu will put up the occasional awful start, which will kill your ERA and WHIP for the week because your relievers won't pitch enough innings to cancel it out. Stanton for Nola is more like what you need.

    Or, if you are really set on going with Morton and Ryu, I would consider trading Puig for Edwin Diaz. Ohtani can slot in as a capable Puig replacement. But there's no need to do something as drastic as trading Stanton.

    Thanks for the help, makes sense.  With only 15 IP/week, I'm thinking maybe even 6 RPs could get me there.  To be safe, 1 SP who gets me 5-6 innings leaves only 9-10 for the whole week for all 6 RP spots.  I have thought of Seth Lugo in SP spot to help as well.  I don't know if I could get Nola since it's a startup keeper.


    C - Wilson Ramos

    1B - Travis Shaw

    2B - Albies

    SS - Peraza

    3B - Rendon

    OF - Acuna, Soto, Stanton

    Util - Puig, Robles

    BN - Ohtani, Yuli Gurriel, Hampson/McMahon

    League starts 2 SP, 2 RP, 4 "P" of any kind.

    SP - Morton, Ryu

    RP - Yates, Vazquez, Doolittle, Robertson, K. Herrera, C. Green, Strop/Morrow

    Need 15 IP minimum.  I plan on losing a couple of my bench hitters as the season goes on and see what happens with the new Rockies, but like to keep Ohtani and Gurriel for his flexibility.

    Wondering if I need to send an OF out for top quality RP.

    Thinking, Giancarlo Stanton for Edwin Diaz and Blake Trienen, top 2 closers.  I am stacked at OF.  Is this crazy?  

  9. 13 hours ago, humesmasonry said:

    12 Team H2H 5x5 plus total bases.


    Who do you prefer?


    I read about Dahl recently concerning his injury history.  They listed 4 major injuries such as fracture, spleen removal after fielding collision, and 2 other notable injuries and he is only 24 years old...and it's baseball, not football! 

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  10. Got him 14th overall in a keeper league.  Have only seen and heard great things.  Things mentioned was his amazing plate discipline, very professional hitter for his age, high walk rate.  Compared to some greats, won't steal really but could be a monster 4-cat like Pujols.  

  11. C - Ramos

    1 - Shaw

    2 - Albies

    SS - Peraza

    3 - Rendon

    OF - Acuna - Soto - Stanton

    Util - Puig - Robles

    BN - Ohtani - Gurriel - Hampson - McMahon

    SP - Ryu - Morton

    RP - Yates - Vazquez - Doolittle - Robertson - C Green - Strop - Morrow - Herrera

    (Hader, Miller went way before I expected but I think I can hit the 15 innings i need) 

    Any advice on any potential moves to solidify ERA/WHIP/SV?  Should I offer a trade?  Got some good bats.

  12. 1 minute ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    The Nats basically said they moved on.  They only have 5.1 mil under the luxury tax and any creative bookkeeping and deferred payments etc they may have been trying obviously didn't work.   And I can' t imagine pitching factory TB being stupid enough to pay this guy tons.  Braves seem to have lost interest as well.

    Right now Kimbrel is living in his own (and Boras') little parallel universe of illusion where he thinks he is Mariano Rivera and the newer version of the luxury tax hasn't gone into effect yet.

    I see a mention of the Cubs here on RW but nothing solid.  Kimbrel will end up the closer somewhere in the first month or so, right?  He wouldn't hold out all year?  

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