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  1. He has a wide range of outcomes. Super hyped so someone in your league will pay up. Time will tell whose right.
  2. I think you should go with your gut and who you want the most. Nobody knows which of those guys will be the best, they are all great. Choose who you want to have on your team.
  3. So can you keep this 1st rounder next year? Or are you not allowed to keep top 2 round picks? (Meaning the pick only counts for this season and not the future?)
  4. How many years for Vlad to be better than Freeman? At least 3 years, probably never. Yeah you'd like to have a 26 y/o Vlad over a 36 y/o Freeman, probably, but that's a very long time away and many things change. I'm keeping Freeman.
  5. I think my theory is limited to similar ADPs and common sense. I'd take Freeman over ADP 8-12 guys, usually. I'd take Albies in the 30s over the 10th best OF that may be ADP 29-35. I'm not taking Albies if Trevor Story or something is there as well. I don't typically view C as having "elite" players, though the top is probably going to be a 5th rounder. I don't view Yasmani Grandal as elite, Yahoo has him ADP 133 now. If it's Buster Posey in his prime or something and he's a 2nd or 3rd rounder, definitely trying to take him.
  6. Many people who are successful have different strategies, so you can't say one way is wrong and one is right. I can only argue for my beliefs that have worked for me, while you may disagree because you have had success with the opposite, or maybe you failed doing what I'm saying. I see 1B or 2B, where there's a couple elite players, as a place to try and be elite, because you probably won't a great 2B on the free agency. Kind of like TE in Fantasy Football. If you have Kelce last year you won, Kittle or Waller, maybe 5 guys max, otherwise it's a wasteland. I love to have a set it and forg
  7. That is a very even trade. I feel like I'd probably choose the Albies/Tatis side, but that's because I don't like rostering players who hit under .250. I know Alonso and Acuna may not be that bad at BA but I'd guess it's .275 & .240 or something for them. Albies/Tatis both have power and speed, are young, and I think 2B is a little shallower than 1B.
  8. I'd be sure to get Freeman if you need a 1B. Be elite at scarce positions and then don't have to think about free agents during the year. Second I'd probably take Ramirez due to 3B being more scarce than the others. There are 10-12 very good SS that you can probably get the last of in the 60-100 range (if you include Carlos Correa, Javier Baez).
  9. I disagree because I think it's most important to fill out your roster. Ozzie is 1st or 2nd best 2B so he's a must keep for me. Dever is 5-10th 3B, but young and improving. Yes Trea and Bo are both solid for sure but I wouldn't personally want both of them since SS is super super deep. It's all just personal preference and nobody knows how they will perform this year but that's what I would do, not saying it's the best choice for everyone.
  10. Albies, Devers, and either Bichette or Turner. Not high on Buehler as he may not pitch so many innings this year and you have QS there. In 2020 he only pitched 5+ innings 50% of the time and never pitched more than 6.0 innings. This year there's a lot of uncertainty with inning limits on pitchers, especially younger pitchers.
  11. Must have been something like this. Usually people don't care after the season but I guess in a keeper people should!
  12. I have noticed that in most leagues. This is my only keeper league and it didn't lock, so maybe they give you longer than a redraft...
  13. For Yahoo keeper leagues: We had an issue come up of an owner picking up players 1 and 2 days after the championship sunday in the past and trading those guys for draft picks as a few good but injured SPs were dropped in the final week of the season. Does anyone know how long free agents are able to be picked up (after champ sunday) in Yahoo keeper leagues?
  14. I was 2nd last year and my keepers are Acuna, Soto, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer
  15. Looking for opinions on where Franco would be drafted in a keeper league. 10 teams, 6 keepers, we do not have an NA spot, or any special spot for someone in the minors, so he'd be taking up a roster spot. Trying to figure out if it's worth it to try and snag him and hope he gets the call up and produces, and can be either a keeper or be traded for draft picks for next year. I would think I'd need to grab him maybe 3 or 4 rounds before the end of the draft to be safe, but I may be off with that estimate.
  16. Thanks to all. I am still probably going Robert for upside. But Giolito's ADP is round 2 or 3, young, on a team that should win a lot. Robert had that awful streak last year which in my memory is different from other young studs such as Acuna, Soto, who I don't remember having streaks like Robert had (in a bad way). Last, OF is very abundant with around 90 starting OFs in the league, much easier to find a gem here than an infield position. Add that to the fact that I already have two top 5 OF, it makes me more willing to look at Giolito, but if Robert pans out I'd have the best OF in my l
  17. If you had no specific positional need, which player would you want on your team?
  18. Agreed on not valuing closers highly. Probably 30-50% of closers on your draft day won't be the closer for their team 2/3rds through the season. If you pay attention to free agency and the news you can scoop them up every couple weeks in general. Won't be top 10 guys, but they will get you saves. In 2019 I probably drafted 2 RPs who were RP20+ and just picked players up as the season went on and ended the year with 4 or 5 closers.
  19. I think I value Soto #1 overall in any keeper/dynasty leagues.
  20. I have Acuna, Soto, Bichette on my keeper team as well as 3 top-12 draft picks.
  21. Do you agree that I'd have to take whoever falls out of Robert and Giolito at #2? Where would you look at 9, 12 for my team based on the player list in original post?
  22. Thanks. Will have to look into Biggio. However I think I'm stuck on either Giolito or Robert at #2, so Biggio would have to fall to 9.
  23. Rendon is 30 and has batted over .300 from 2017-19, 2020 was .286... He finished top 11 in MVP voting the last 4 years. He is currently going 7th among 3B at about pick 42. After Rendon the drop off is 20 spots to Cavan BIggio. Eloy is ranked about 10 spots higher but I already have 2 of the best young OF in the game and the option to redraft Eloy at #2 overall pick. Only 14 OF kept in whole league so tons of players to take (guaranteed either Eloy or Robert, among others.) That's why I kept Rendon.
  24. 60 kept total in a 10 team league. Bichette for #5 overall (available players at bottom) - lets me keep Eloy... Current team: Acuna, Soto, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer picks 2, 9, 12 If traded Bichette team: Acuna, Soto, Eloy, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer picks 2, 5, 9, 12 Top available players after 60 keepers: Hitters: Robert, Tucker, Seager, Marte, Tim Anderson, Arozarena, Voit, Bggio, B Lowe, Cruz, T Hernandez, Conforto, Suarez, K Marte, Gurriel Jr, Matt Olson, Blackmon, Altuve, Castellanos, Meadows, Bohm Pitchers: Giloito, Gallen, Woodruf
  25. Why has Yahoo deleted the chat in mock drafts? Super annoying. I am also wondering how many years until we will be drafting first base-persons instead of first basemen?
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