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  1. 8 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Leagues all have the same mechanics.

    What happened once with me in a dynasty league was some guy I wanted wouldn't clear waivers until the day after the season ended.  I put in a claim the night before for the heck of it.  In the spring I had the guy on my roster though he didn't show after teams were locked for the year.  Just when they went down for the database updates and came back up and there he was on my roster, haha.

    But another more common explanation is in private h2h leagues you can select when playoffs start and end and some leagues choose to finish their championship finals the next to last week of the season so half their star payers won't be sitting on a bench like MLB teams tend to do with their regulars in real life then "resting" them for the playoffs etc.

    In that case the league remains open until the last day of the Yahoo season period like every other Yahoo league.  Even if you can't play games that week.  So that last week you still can make all the drops and adds you want up to your league's limit per week.  Which is a good thing.  Gives you one more week to look over your roster and see who you will want to keep or not and if anyone is out there in the free agent pool you prefer.  Even make a quick trade.  Wonderful week getting you set up for spring.


    Must have been something like this.  Usually people don't care after the season but I guess in a keeper people should!

  2. 3 hours ago, fishingguy12345 said:

    The other question is: how close are you to competing? Are your 6 keepers really high quality?


    If you're not likely to compete this year and your last keeper isn't a top 60 player then you ought to draft him as if it was a dynasty league rather than a keeper league, so that way when he is up you'll have what is expected to be a top 20 player.

    I was 2nd last year and my keepers are Acuna, Soto, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer 

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  3. Looking for opinions on where Franco would be drafted in a keeper league.  10 teams, 6 keepers, we do not have an NA spot, or any special spot for someone in the minors, so he'd be taking up a roster spot.  Trying to figure out if it's worth it to try and snag him and hope he gets the call up and produces, and can be either a keeper or be traded for draft picks for next year.  I would think I'd need to grab him maybe 3 or 4 rounds before the end of the draft to be safe, but I may be off with that estimate.  

  4. Thanks to all.  I am still probably going Robert for upside.  But Giolito's ADP is round 2 or 3, young, on a team that should win a lot.  Robert had that awful streak last year which in my memory is different from other young studs such as Acuna, Soto, who I don't remember having streaks like Robert had (in a bad way).  Last, OF is very abundant with around 90 starting OFs in the league, much easier to find a gem here than an infield position.  Add that to the fact that I already have two top 5 OF, it makes me more willing to look at Giolito, but if Robert pans out I'd have the best OF in my league for a decade barring serious injury.

  5. 8 hours ago, meh2 said:

    I'm not changing my strategy too much this year. My strategy has always been to come away with 7 hitters, 3 starting pitchers, and 1 closer in the first 11 rounds. I've seen some talk of people valuing the aces higher than normal this year, but starting pitchers always have a higher bust rate than hitters, and now with innings limits and perhaps a higher than usual injury risk with an increase in workload from 2020, I think the bust rate will be higher than usual. I will load up on higher upside starters in the middle and late rounds and hope I hit on a few of them. My bench will also have more starting pitchers than usual this year.

    I never spend much draft capital on closers and this year will be no different. For me, there is a steep drop off after the top 12 or 13 closers, so I'm going to make sure I come away with one of those guys. But I won't be looking to draft one of those guys until the top 8 or 9 are off the board. I'll throw a couple later round darts on other closers and hope to come away with some saves from one of those guys. 



    Agreed on not valuing closers highly.  Probably 30-50% of closers on your draft day won't be the closer for their team 2/3rds through the season.  If you pay attention to free agency and the news you can scoop them up every couple weeks in general.  Won't be top 10 guys, but they will get you saves.  In 2019 I probably drafted 2 RPs who were RP20+ and just picked players up as the season went on and ended the year with 4 or 5 closers.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Thenewwildone8 said:

    Rendon is by far the worst of your keepers. Not sure why you’d pick him over Eloy. He’s not a 30 HR bat with no juiced ball.

    Rendon is 30 and has batted over .300 from 2017-19, 2020 was .286...

    He finished top 11 in MVP voting the last 4 years.  

    He is currently going 7th among 3B at about pick 42.  After Rendon the drop off is 20 spots to Cavan BIggio.

    Eloy is ranked about 10 spots higher but I already have 2 of the best young OF in the game and the option to redraft Eloy at #2 overall pick.  Only 14 OF kept in whole league so tons of players to take (guaranteed either Eloy or Robert, among others.)

    That's why I kept Rendon.

  7. 60 kept total in a 10 team league.  Bichette for #5 overall (available players at bottom) - lets me keep Eloy...


    Current team:

    Acuna, Soto, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer

    picks 2, 9, 12

    If traded Bichette team:

    Acuna, Soto, Eloy, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer

    picks 2, 5, 9, 12

    Top available players after 60 keepers:

    Hitters:  Robert, Tucker, Seager, Marte, Tim Anderson, Arozarena, Voit, Bggio, B Lowe, Cruz, T Hernandez, Conforto, Suarez, K Marte, Gurriel Jr, Matt Olson, Blackmon, Altuve, Castellanos, Meadows, Bohm

    Pitchers:  Giloito, Gallen, Woodruff, Burnes, Maeda, Gray, Lynn, Plesac, L Hendricks, Lamet, E Diaz 

    *League is keep 6, any 6, no round costs....keep forever...




  8. 6 minutes ago, Cesare13 said:

    I know every one of the outfielders you mentioned is super young, but this looks like trading a known commodity for an unknown one.   Eloy could go 1 and then you end up with Robert.    You know what you’re going to get with acuna, and for this trade to work in your benefit, you’d need for Robert to hit close to his ceiling.   I don’t THINK he will, but Robert could  very  well end up getting some type of career which could be a mix of  Byron buxton And Desmond Jennings.    You’d also likely be getting Freeman’s post prime years, and although is still an mvp candidate, the drop off for votto, miggy, Pujols, rizzo, goldy etc...was fast, steep and sudden.  There’s a lot of “ifs” in my answer, I admit, but Acuna is a sure fire fantasy center piece for the foreseeable future.  Don’t give him up, a lot has to go right for you to slightly improve.

    Those are some good points to consider.  I guess I think of Acuna as a top 5 guy for the next 10 years, and I think of Freeman as a top 2 or 3 1b for the next 3-4 years, which is a long time for a fantasy league.  That swap would not work but being able to get 2 additional 1st round picks, 5 of the top 12 picks in a 10 team league, would set me up huge for this year and I am not short of keeper caliber players, and will be looking for youth flyers who may work out and help me in the future.  Another reason I'm thinking about it is that the 1B pool is way more shallow than the OF player pool.  Kind of like getting a star TE in fantasy football, since it drops off big after the top handful.  

  9. 41 minutes ago, fatbob166 said:

    What 1B are going to be available in your draft? It seems like you already have a bunch of early picks so the 6+10 picks don't excite me that much. Is there any possible way Freeman owner would consider dealing him for a SP? If I could get Freeman for Bauer somehowI would do it in a heartbeat. Giving up Acuna in a dynasty league is just so tough...even for a solid offer. I love the idea of adding Robert or Eloy but from what I'm seeing with all your picks, you should be able to grab one of them anyway.

    I know it's a huge move to trade Acuna but I would be guaranteed either Eloy or Robert at pick 2 to replace him, pairing that player w/ Soto in the OF.  And it helps fill my infield and give me a ton of high picks.  In reality, so much will change in 5 years when Freeman is 36 and who even knows if this league will be around at that point...

  10. 28 minutes ago, fatbob166 said:

    What 1B are going to be available in your draft? It seems like you already have a bunch of early picks so the 6+10 picks don't excite me that much. Is there any possible way Freeman owner would consider dealing him for a SP? If I could get Freeman for Bauer somehowI would do it in a heartbeat. Giving up Acuna in a dynasty league is just so tough...even for a solid offer. I love the idea of adding Robert or Eloy but from what I'm seeing with all your picks, you should be able to grab one of them anyway.

    Kept players = Freeman, Bellinger, LeMahieu, Abreu, Vlad, Alonso, Matt Olsen, Goldy...so top available should be Voit, Muncy, Rizzo, Bohm....I see Voit is adp 61 of NFC then after it's 80-90s ADP players...

  11. 1 minute ago, Hanghow said:

    Saw your new post; I'm also repping Acuna/Soto/Robert/Bichette/deGrom in a keeper; feels good lol.

    Super stacked.  My leaguemates think it's not fair when all my keepers are top 25 players, but I drafted Acuna and Soto 7th and 14th for the 2019 season, traded for degrom, FA pickup BIchette, targeting Robert and a late flyer on Franco possibly

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Hanghow said:

    I can't imagine who else would be there at #2 that would be more valuable than Robert, if he's allowed to fall to pick #2.

    True.  Some stacked teams like mine drop a couple real nice players.  Eloy is ranked around 30 as well as Robert and one of them will be available to me at #2.  A handful of the guys ranked in the 30s-40s will be there.  Some teams are bad and are keeping players in the 70s or 80s and some are basically all keepers top 30 players.  So I guess I'm probably taking Robert there.

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  13. 10 team, 6 keepers.

    My current keepers:

    Acuna, Soto, Bichette, Rendon, deGrom, Bauer

    My current draft picks:  2, 9, 12, 32, 52, 57, 69, 72, 92, 106, 109, 112, 129, 132, 152, 157, 169, 177


    Do I offer Acuna, picks 32 & 52 for Freddie Freeman, picks 6 & 10?

    GIves me 5 top 12 picks and I could replace Acuna with either Eloy or Robert with my 2nd overall selection, and fill out my team nicely, giving me probably the best 1B in baseball for the next handful of years.  I know it's hard to trade Acuna but OF is easier to fill up, and it's tempting.


  14. 10 team league, 6 keepers, 2019 rosters, so nobody has Robert as a keeper.  Is it worth grabbing him if I can with the #2 pick?  I was all for it last year before we were cancelled, but his 2nd half of the year was horrible and I am not convinced I should snag him if he's there when I pick.  

  15. 38 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

    Toss back you're number 4 & 5 players put Rendon & Eloy in those spots. Next drop the snake & scoop up another offensive player. Then keep that power in the very last spot. 

    Are you advocating an all offense strategy since it's 6 offensive cats to 5 pitching?  Because deGrom is a top 10 pick and Bauer a top 20 based on ADP.  But I could load offense and then go S, ERA, WHIP, but that seems risky

  16. I have rostered him the last 2 seasons and he hasn't ever been overrated, at least back then.  He isn't overpowering or a strikeout king, rather a smaller pitcher who wears glasses and I felt those optics underrated him.  However an ADP of 40 is higher than I expected.  I would have thought 50-70, however he is very steady SP2 in my opinion who has good ERA & WHIP but won't get a ton of K or W.  I feel he is very consistent and hope he can continue doing well as he is only 25.  

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