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  1. Existing keeper league (snake draft) is now switching to an auction for this season. We had a lot of draft pick trades during the 2019 season and some teams have much better picks than others, so we can't just give every team the same auction budget. We have the snake draft pick order but need help converting those picks into auction $. Does anyone have a chart or know of any resource to figure out the correct budgets for our teams?
  2. My initial thoughts without really pondering them are 1. Take WRs who are connected to elite QBs 2. Draft Henry or Kamara 3. Try to get a few elite players who you will never question starting (I had way too many similar players this year and it was always hard to know who to start; this was mostly due to my top 2 picks injured/somewhat busting).
  3. Yahoo commish here, 1st year, have a guy in the league who is dropping all his bench b/c he DGAF, but some good players, and we are doing keeper so we want to lock this guy and fix his team for whoever takes over next yr. Main question, in Yahoo are you allowed to do moves after the finals since there's a week 17? Or does it lock after all the games in champ week? Any advice welcome for this situation.
  4. Took Kittle and Mixon at 15 in 2 leagues (same pick in both) over Kelce. If I took Kelce I would have won both my leagues...
  5. Kelce is the FF MVP. Averaged 19.3 PPR PTS Waller was 2nd at 16.8 3rd place was Hockenson at 11.3 HUGE ADVANTAGE TO HAVE KELCE.
  6. did Jacobs really pull up short of the goal line and not score on purpose?
  7. they didn't run on 3rd and goal from the 1? They kneeled? Miss this kick f*#$#$.
  8. ok, with 2:30 and near red zone, Jacobs MIGHT get 1 run, 2 if a miracle happens
  9. Jacobs WILL NOT be in the game for the final drive, just a head's up.
  10. Made the finals and I have basically no chance to win and it's not even Sunday....smfh...
  11. I'm sure you get get a free Amazon Prime trial to watch the game...
  12. I wonder how many finals teams are starting Kamara and Evans. If so, they already won.
  13. If I felt confident Zeke will be out I'd probably wait.
  14. In the 1st place game - will play 3 RBs PPR...can you guys rank these options? It's tough for me to decide. Jacobs JD McKissic David Johnson LeVeon Pollard Dobbins (most likely to cut)
  15. found this looks like no change: https://fantasy.nfl.com/research/statcorrections?position=12&sort=pts&statCategory=stats&statSeason=2020&statType=weekStats&statWeek=15
  16. I see nothing listed, but don't know how to tell if there were none or they weren't submitted yet.
  17. Anyone know what time the stat corrections are released?
  18. Not feeling very good about it, but not feeling very good about my other options either. We'll call it a game time decision.
  19. Last time Kittle returned from injury this season he put up 40, catch balls from a college teammate and roomate I hear, CJ Bethard. Same situation this week.
  20. People say every Thursday is when stat corrections are released...so...that's today.
  21. Youtube? What's the video title so we can look at it?
  22. Even if you were playing against Murray, Adams, Tyreek, Kamara, Cook, Kelce, D Henry, Koo, and Cleveland, you'd still have at least a 10% chance to win, even with a waiver wire team!
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