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  1. ok, with 2:30 and near red zone, Jacobs MIGHT get 1 run, 2 if a miracle happens
  2. Jacobs WILL NOT be in the game for the final drive, just a head's up.
  3. Made the finals and I have basically no chance to win and it's not even Sunday....smfh...
  4. I'm sure you get get a free Amazon Prime trial to watch the game...
  5. I wonder how many finals teams are starting Kamara and Evans. If so, they already won.
  6. If I felt confident Zeke will be out I'd probably wait.
  7. In the 1st place game - will play 3 RBs PPR...can you guys rank these options? It's tough for me to decide. Jacobs JD McKissic David Johnson LeVeon Pollard Dobbins (most likely to cut)
  8. found this looks like no change: https://fantasy.nfl.com/research/statcorrections?position=12&sort=pts&statCategory=stats&statSeason=2020&statType=weekStats&statWeek=15
  9. I see nothing listed, but don't know how to tell if there were none or they weren't submitted yet.
  10. Anyone know what time the stat corrections are released?
  11. Not feeling very good about it, but not feeling very good about my other options either. We'll call it a game time decision.
  12. Last time Kittle returned from injury this season he put up 40, catch balls from a college teammate and roomate I hear, CJ Bethard. Same situation this week.
  13. People say every Thursday is when stat corrections are released...so...that's today.
  14. Youtube? What's the video title so we can look at it?
  15. Even if you were playing against Murray, Adams, Tyreek, Kamara, Cook, Kelce, D Henry, Koo, and Cleveland, you'd still have at least a 10% chance to win, even with a waiver wire team!
  16. Did you find a good video? The only one I found was taken from around the goal line so it's just kind of guessing, but to me it looks close to lateral.
  17. All 3 make the finals. Non-tying team in finals gets 1st or 2nd no matter what. If the non-tying team scores highest in week 16, they win. If the non-tying team scores least of all 3 teams, they get 2nd place. If this happens, highest scoring of the week 15 tie teams wins 1st place and the other team's score goes against the the 3rd place game's team (who is playing nobody in the consolation game). If the non-tying legit finalist ends up getting 2nd most points of the 3 finalists, the 2 tying teams must face eachother in week 17, and whoever wins week 17, their week 16 score
  18. i slow moed it and it looks pretty much exactly sideways along the 3 yard line to me...i don't know if that conclusion (if the statisticians agreed) would mean a run or a pass? My league the Kelce owner won by a fraction of a point in PPR to make the finals so it would benefit me since he is stacked.
  19. here's my team, would you do the trade with this being the team? 1. (3) Damian Lillard (Por - PG) 2. (18) Bradley Beal (Was - SG,SF) 3. (23) Rudy Gobert (Uta - C) 4. (38) Jusuf Nurkic (Por - C) 5. (43) Brandon Ingram (NO - SF,PF) 6. (58) Robert Covington (Por - PF,C) 7. (63) Dejounte Murray (SA - PG,SG) 8. (78) OG Anunoby
  20. Projected to lose by 20 with my best projections in the starting lineup. I need best upside. Do I start Hurts vs DAL over Kyler? Who would you start below for best chance to beat a stacked team? QB (1) Kyler/Hurts????? RBS (2): David Johnson, Josh Jacobs, Tony Pollard, JD McKissic, Dobbins, LeVeon Bell (waivers) WRS (2): Lamb, AB, DJ Moore, Tee Higgins TE (1): Goedert... FLEX (1): 1 spot K: Stream DST: CLE vs Jets
  21. Would u trade away Lilliard/Beal for Doncic/GilgeousAlexander? 9 cat league.
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