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  1. Bad enough the Redskins wore those all white for the past two games, these all red uniforms are brutal. Too bad Haskins is following his script. A real competing QB wanting to make an impression would dig deep within himself and put forth a decent effort.
  2. Yeap, he was dropped in my league and I was thinking of picking him up based on how he did today. Not anymore
  3. Pitts Def to score less than 24 points which looks like that will happen.
  4. Just like last year, Hill got 2 starts in 2019 and did nothing with them. Pathetic
  5. I agree Conner has been a disappointment, but let's not forget it is not because he has been given all these opportunities and not delivered. Pitts for the past few weeks has decided to mostly go empty backfield and not even given the impression they want to run, passing on almost every down even in 1st and goal. As others have mentioned on this board Pitts is undefeated so they are unlikely to change their current offensive scheme. Weird thing is even when they have had a good lead they still don't seem to run mostly and continue to pass. So be it, glad I started Gibson over Conner this w
  6. So much for revenge. Not one catch when the windy conditions are just begging for RB dump offs.
  7. Great job Goff can't even throw one TD against Seattle. [...]
  8. Pittsburgh might as well not have any RBs on the roster. They hardly ever use them.
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