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  1. I understand. CBS Sports does not have a holding mechanism. Anyone can drop me an email to discuss the validity of this pool. I want people to feel comfortable and have fun.
  2. We were a group of co-workers a few years ago. We've now scattered a bit but people still want to have a fun league to keep our Sundays interesting! This is NOT the league to make you rich but more for bragging rights. There is a one time fee of $25 with a weekly pay out of either $20 or $25 dollars (depends on the number of teams). We play the regular season only (17 games). There is a 100% payout. I pay weekly and we usually have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize at the end of the season of which is determined by the number of team entries. Finances are tr
  3. Last Call! Today is the day!!! This will be the final post for players! We only have a couple of spots left. Email me if you want in at smokelcx@gmail.com
  4. Bumping one more time today. Trying to get 4 more players! Any takers? Email me at smokelcx@gmail.com You KNOW it will make the season even MORE fun!
  5. Tomorrow's the big day! Slots available. Send me an email at smokelcx@gmail.com to join in the fun!
  6. Spots left in the pool!!! 3 Days! It's about to get real! email me at smokelcx@gmail.com to join!
  7. Only the real games next! Trying to get a couple of more players! Email me if you want in.
  8. Still have slots left! About 2 weeks to go! Smokelcx@gmail.com
  9. 17 Days left! Email me at smokelcx@gmail.com to jump in the pool!!
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