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  1. I have enough bats to cover Keepers. Basically I’m gambling that Soroka or Glasnow develop into a Keeper as well.
  2. Sorry...yes, a forever keeper league. Your tracking along my thought process. Maybe Max has a good year next year but he’s already showing signs of wear and tear. And Glasnow and Soroka are very young...and if at least one of them pans out as a stud it’ll be worth it.
  3. I’m in a 10 team, H2H ESPN league (6 Keepers). Unfortunately I am not in the running for the playoffs anymore. Looking at next year I am wondering about Scherzer’s age (35) and his violent mechanics taking a toll on his neck and back. I don’t want to wait till it’s too late and get lesser trade value for him. A playoff team has offered Soroka and Glasnow. Do it? Or am I being an idiot and worrying too much?
  4. Nope...keep Tatis and reap his rewards for the next 10yrs
  5. Smith or Carlos. I’m thinking Carlos will be out for longer than a year.
  6. Get Trout! Get Trout! Get Trout! I think you’re hit/miss with Thor.
  7. I wonder about Max’s age (35) and the violent mechanics he has starting to wear on him the next few years.
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