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  1. kinda feel like he's higher than Kittle just from an availability perspective
  2. I am not an NFL coach, but holy crap this charger playcalling is absolutely abysmal. Herbert is shredding the defense for the Raiders… But they keep forcing these horrible runs and stocked boxes. I don’t get why you would keep doing some thing that is not working
  3. I almost feel as if it is a Eckler thing… They are focus more on the run now… Unless Herbert that this sucks for Herbert owners
  4. Carson is a beast. If he was healthy - he'd be a top 5 back. Pretty sure he's been dominant in FF when he plays even a half a game. When he plays a full game, he's a no brainer start. He's outperforming his ADP if you ask me. I picked him up early 3rd round. If you hit on Gibson or JRob...or a few other RB's to fill in while he was injured, you're probably in a good spot.
  5. If you guys had to pick now - Snell or MacFarland for the ROS?
  6. Yeah, should have seen this before AB started playing with the Bucs, but we all held out hope. The sad part is, he still clearly is an elite WR...just too many mouths to feed, and a declining Brady.
  7. The Miami/Denver game was on Red Zone a lot, and man, I thought Tua looked horrible. He just seemed to get worse and worse. It looks really bad when Fitz comes in and marches right down the field no problem. Tua kills all Miami FF plays, including their good defense.
  8. I would not accept that trade - you never trade away a top #3 player in all of FF...but that's me. Cook is capable of winning a week all by himself.
  9. I need Succup to miss a XP and LF to have a couple negative runs. It could happen??
  10. I just cannot get behind the logic of… Everybody says it’s OK to do some thing wrong so that means we can do it. That is what is happening here. Are you guys in capable of thinking for yourselves…
  11. a starting qb as stated by the coach playing qb for the whole game. allowed to play in the TE slot. my IQ is dropping every post I read that justifies this lol
  12. I think Taylor probably has a TD and 80 yards of rushing called back on penalties
  13. Seems pretty clear from today that ESPN dropped the ball on this. Anybody with common sense knows a starting QB should not be eligible for tight and status. Really feel bad for peoples leagues who allowed this to happen. Glad I didn’t let this happen
  14. No my hand, yo! lol I'm going to be proactive. I don't need to wait for a committee. I'm Han Solo, you guys are Leia. 😛
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