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  1. Is that really your picture?

  2. There is absolutely no problem with more than one person beinged logged in at the same time with the same user id. I guess there is a loophole. Too bad you weren't smart enough to think of it.
  3. I think it is great but I have one major complaint about it. All of the advertisements that are out there say "watch your favorite team all year long with MLB tv". The only problem is that if your favorite team is in the area you live in most likely you will b eblocked out from those games. For example, I live in NY and I am a Mets fan. I wanted to buy MLB TV because I do a lot of traveling and I want to be able ot watch Mets games. When I was signing up I checked my zip code and it said that the Mets games would be blocked out fo rmy account. The stupid thing about this is that if you u
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