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  1. I’d go Ab and Kmet. Kmet should get 7+ looks and the Vikings vest LB is out this week. Good luck!
  2. I’d roll with Gallman if I had him. I’m actually playing Wilson but have no choice. Gallman will get the volume
  3. I’m going up against the guy who has Allen in my semifinal matchup. My choices are Antonio Brown against Atlanta Trequan against KC w/M. Thomas out Rashard Higgins vs Giants which to play?!?! leave yours and I’ll answer
  4. I have Brady and Wilson in superflex with Cam on the bench and am slotting in Brady for the playoffs. to me it would come down to your team and playoff matchup. Brady’s midrange game (both floor and top end) I think will be higher given Kylers injury. Kyler is more likely to ball out and carry your team though if you really need that. this week - Kyler gets the eagles and under full health I’d go him as DHop is going to absolutely shred the birds. WR1s have killed them without much effort. That said, if the rest of my team was solid and I needed reliable wi
  5. I have a first round bye but just lost Antonio Gibson. Both these guys are out there (as is Barber). I have room to pull one in when I put Gibson on IR but could also add a second if I dropped Pittman who I can safely drop (could play AB, Higgins or Lamb in his spot). how do you rank those guys? leave yours and I’ll answer!
  6. Also can’t see why all the fantasy pundits are all over Pittman, Hilton’s having a game for sure - but pittman’s got a 5-40 player written all over him in this years offense.
  7. Definitely Gio. Don’t hate Andrews but touch count wins. help me?
  8. Non-ppr, extra points for yards. who in my second flex?? leave yours here!
  9. I would drop Newton. I have him too but he’s just too untrustworthy to start, regardless of matchup. I hate praying for a rushing TD while he may throw three picks.
  10. Curtis Samuel, Justin Jefferson or Reagor 1/2pt ppr? leave yours!
  11. Anyone? im 20 pts up and have either goedert or Gronk against his Scott, Fulgham and TB defense
  12. Playing for upside on this - need a big game, TE is my last spot. Whose the better play for 70 and a TD? leave yours!
  13. This is my second Flex spot and I can run Tevin Coleman or Ceedee Lamb. Coleman is shaky on usage but Lamb has a rookie 3rd stringer throwing. thanks for the help and leave yours and I’ll answer!
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