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  1. Murray is easy to score on... just throw it high!
  2. This Tampa D is legit. They came a long way from the dumpster fire they were last season.
  3. Anyone play in these during the playoffs? Pick any player from any team at the start of the playoffs and as the teams lose the players are gone. 2 QB 3 RB 3 WR 2 TE W/R/T who would y’all pick this year?
  4. Good news is that he isn’t a bust yet.... we have the most important games still ahead of us.
  5. I’m playing Robby even if winds are 40mph+. He’s a stud this year regardless of where you drafted him.
  6. Eagles tonight baby.... Wentz is to good and Jones fumbles to much for this not to be a good play.
  7. Raiders game could be pushed till Monday due to COVID.
  8. Earl Campbell would have looked like shite playing for the jets.
  9. When did he quit being a stud? He’s 28......
  10. wrong..... I drafted him in the mid rounds thinking there was a strong possibility that this elite back would be would be traded to a better team. Didn’t exactly know it would be the cheifs.
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