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  1. whoa. I haven't watched Mcclanahan pitch since he was in college at South Florida. The TB Rays know how to tinker and develop their pitchers. In college Mcclanahan had a super high effort delivery and that infamous recoil. Watching his start tonight, it's incredible to see how much the Rays improved his delivery. While their still some recoil, he actually has a much more fluid delivery without seeming to put too much stress on his arm. He maintained his high velocity throughout the start and besides his dirty fastball with a nice spin rate...his changeup and slider lethal as fuk. All 3 pitch
  2. im a big fan of Gray. Love the way he pitches out there and is fun to watch.
  3. wow - havent heard of him until now. He signed last year? He isn't listed in the top 30 international prospects 2018 MLB prospect watch archive. So he was under the radar. Just watched what little video of him I could find and he looks really smooth. DSL isn't a good indicator tho because Ive seen plenty kill it there. Want to see what he can do stateside at 16. Hoping they promote him to gcl this season. thnx for the tout
  4. Gauthmann44 (hat tip) Started this thread but totally agree with your post overall. There are quite a few really knowledgeable prospect junkies on here and BPS and Garlando are deff one of a few at the top.
  5. have been looking closely at White. really like what I see. started slow but took of as it got warmer. a really bute of a righthanded swing. he only had 3v stolen bags this year but white has above average speed. if he can develop power, which seems to be the biggest unknown among scouts, hes gunna be a fantasy darling.
  6. just saw nathaniel lowe was promoted to AAA and is making his debut tonight. amazin to see a rays prospect being promoted aggressively. they seem to be laxing on their extreme conservative approach to prospects
  7. im liking on montero alot. i can see him decreasing his strikeouts and walking more as he develops. the cards track record of developing prospects makes him even more entcing. good tout and tanks @brockpapersizer
  8. i was making a dynasty sleeper prospect list for my new dynasty team [{500 minors farm system]} and i went straight for the goldmine thread aka 2018 "deep" sleepers thread [{tip of my top hat to you @txrngr34 for creating that literal wealth of info on deep prospects/and a thank u to all those that contributed]}. i have an undying love of pure hitting speedsters with hyperelite plate discipline. when i see young future elite high OBP leadoff hitters who walk more then they strike out, and are doubles and triple htting machines by 17/18, i go bonkez. thats what happened when i landed on rockies
  9. Toronto Orevelis Martinez looks like the real deal. bin watching video on this prospects swing and it looks flawless for a 16 year old. garlando or anyone who knows..when do the 2018 inter prospects start playing? they dont start the same year they sign like amateur draft prospects, do they?
  10. i use to be on this site multiple times a day since it began but i have not been able to visit since last year because i had a medical issue and couldnt follow or do fantasy bball. my old screen name was prospect hound and i could not remember my info so created a new one. i created it for the sole purpose of wanting to know more bout nathanel low. and i cant believe there isnt much here and he isnt getting hyped here big time. what he is doing this season is incredible. if there is anymore that some of the site experts like garlando, brockpaper and others that i used to value their insight a
  11. his curveball is one of the best in the lower minors. happy for him that he is back in tampa but sux for me since i was going to his starts in charleston just to see him pitch. i know his 5'9-5'10 height might scare some but he has a nice easy delivery that doesnt seem to exert much effort on his part. and besides his nasty hi 90 heatre/he has a killa curveball
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