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  1. Looking to either join or create a total points free league where you prepare your lineups once a week for Monday´s new week. Must be ESPN platform. Please respond here if interested. Draft would be ASAP when league fills. 10 or 12 team league preferred.
  2. Yep looks like everyone but 1 guy with 2 picks missing has woken up lol. Going to pick his last 2 if he doesn´t respond. Thanks for the input everyone.
  3. No, I´ve specifically stated, email several times 10 keepers, no more or no less so they have no excuse.
  4. Small issue here as our league has keepers locking today but a few of the owners are dragging their feet as they need to keep 10 but some have 8 and some 9 picked. In case they don´t respond to my emails today and no change is made by lock time what would you guys suggest? Pick players for them? Extend keeper lock time?? I appreciate the help, and cannot respond here till later today so leave comment and I will check later, thanks again guys!
  5. We just had an obvious lopsided trade in our baseball league but I´ve never vetoed a deal however this one seems like a questionable one. Our league is salary cap so I imagine it has something to do with dumping salary. Here is the trade. Please let me know what you guys think. Veto? Good salary dump idea? Trade involves: Correa, C. Walker, N. Pearson and Kershaw for: Arozarena (Yes, that´s it!)
  6. 20 team Points League take over team still available (Reds, last team). Salary auction league with 10 keepers (you pick keepers). Draft next Saturday.
  7. Sounds great Jacob! I will send invite from ESPN. Also the leaguesafe link is: https://leaguesafe.com/join/3965743
  8. Hi, sorry for the long response time. Yes it will be a 4 hour time limit and picks will also be listed as they are made on the front page.
  9. 1 team each league now available. Here are the rosters of the available teams: H2H Catagories league (37 keepers. Must keep at least 32): https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=19673279&teamId=10 H2H Points league (Must keep 10): https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=23436220&teamId=15
  10. Only the Ronnix team available now from the Catagory league. The 2 teams from Points league are still available.
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