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  1. We have a one day wait period on trades in our league this, that's what has caused the issue.
  2. Thank you, I'm trying to get commish to push it through after receiving approval from our two opponents. If our opponents don't approve we will try and trade next week.
  3. Does anyone know what my options are here? I'm now thinking that the two owners who we play this week will need to agree or we will have to wait until next week.
  4. In my yahoo league we have a 1 day wait period for trades to go through. Last night I traded Landry and Gesicki for CeeDee. With the Dolphins playing tonight the trade will not be official until tomorrow. What do we do here about the players playing tonight? I read that if I play my dolphin players then the trade moves to next week. Are there any other options besides seeing if the commish will push it through before the game tonight. Appreciate the help, I just don't understand the rules on this.
  5. Run the league however you want but I do feel like the 1 hour slow draft and have it set for like 9AM to 9PM timer is perfect.
  6. I'm interested but sure wish it was 4 hour per pick, I am in a sleeper dynasty draft now that is 1 hour and it has worked great. 8 hours is a long time...
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