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  1. I would definitely do 1... maybe hold tight at 2... but it is still a good trade
  2. Thanks for mine. Id prefer the Chubb and Gallup side personally. OBJ is a let down and Chubb is incredible this year. Gallup could finish higher than OBJ at this rate
  3. Im 3-3 currently and the bye rounds looking forward arent favourable for me. The weeks i vs top 4 coaches i have alot of guys on bye round.... Have been offered a trade by the Vikings fan coach.... Offer to me - Bell Amari Montgomery 🔁 For my - Dalvin RWoods (I like Bells schedule coming up for the back end of season, and the fact hes had the bye already.... And i have Mahomes and Kelce, who share the week 12 bye with Dalvin... This move would make my week 12 team stronger... im also vsing the coach who has made this offer for Dalvin in week12 with him unaw
  4. Thank you mate. Completely agree it will make it more fun! last few seasons the waiver wire has been too easy to play, if an injury or something came up. Cheers bud
  5. Thanks for your response mate. Appreciate it. I personally love the idea of a multi flex league and deeper bench. currently it is - 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te 1 flex (rb/wr) 1 kicker 1 defence 6 bench its a 0.5ppr scoring system with no adjustments made to default scoring. and i should of added, that some bright spark when our league formed 4 years ago that it would be a good idea for coaches to “select their supported teams defence and kicker” as we have 8 coaches and 8 different supported teams... I hate this personally
  6. Hey guys. Whats everyones opinion on adjusting my 8 team, 0.5ppr leagues starting roster positions. I listen to the fantasy footballers podcast among a few others and have notice all of them love the idea of ditching the kicker, and adding an extra flex, especially in 8 or 10 team leagues. Purely because Kickers are a forgotten area and in smaller leagues, everyones flex is still generally pretty good. A second flex opens up the streaming option and the waiver wire more. Thanks for everyones responses in advance. WHIR
  7. Joe Mixon David Johnson Todd Gurley and why? really appreciate everyones opinions. i change daily but currently lying with Mixon
  8. Thank you... this is strongly the approach i am considering. to get a set and forget TE with the hopes of getting RBs like Ingram, Henry, Jacobs, Guice, Coleman later in there draft. Theres alot of RBs this year with big potential
  9. I actually do like it for a player of DJs pass catch abilities, yeh... especially when he has been quoted saying he prefers to play out of shotgun, and its what he was accustomed to in his college days...
  10. Thanks again mate....... Bell and Gurley have me the most concerned definitely due to Gurleys injuries and Bell in a new offence... Connor and Samuel for that matter produce at the Steelers with Bell not there..... the Steelers schemes and coaching and offence are a big factor in Bells success and hes not fortunate enough to be in a team of those capabilities anymore... no doubt he is a star... but will the line provide time and space? Will defences just cover everything Bell does in the pass with no real other threats there... i really like Mixon and DJ r
  11. Thanks mate... can i pick ya brains why you went with DJ over those other names?
  12. Predicting the first 7 picks look something like this - saquon zeke mccaffrey kamara gordon hopkins adams ...? who is the safest pick(s) at the 8/9 loop and why out of - DJ, Bell, Gurley, Mixon, Connor etc. (Id prefer to go RB, RB with the depth of WRs available later)
  13. Thanks mate. Easily mistaken without tone or sarcasm over written formats I guess. my bad. as for the ADPs you've listed, I use the same... but as for Hopkins falling, and some of those other varying ADPs that might seem puzzling to my previous message.... I KNOWWWW my league will be RB heavy in the first 2 rounds and that TE is seen as a pivotal area. it has been crucial in our playoffs the last 4 season and everyone is aware of it. TE, is easily the shallowest position to fill after those 3 mentioned names and im sure you are aware of that, granted OJ Howard, Engram, Henry e
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