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  1. What time is the draft on saturday, August 24?
  2. Actually my friend bill can no longer be in this league. I just joined your other 9/1 league. But I might not do both leagues. Can I decide in a few days? You can also email offline to discuss.
  3. Yep, I asked you questions in the second team thread. Right now, I’m looking for my friend too, so we need two spots. I may play a 3rd league by myself but it’s too early to choose that league now.
  4. Sorry, we do NOT like superflex and 2 QB leagues. Thanks for asking.
  5. Hello, My friend and I are looking to join two $200-300 leagues with 12-14 teams. Can be auction or snake. Please send info to ricktruong41@gmail.com Thanks, Rick
  6. What are the payouts? Perhaps you can give an example for the $300 league. Thanks, Rick
  7. Some quick questions: 1) what are the payouts? 2) is there a FAAB budget? 3) how do the "no bad beats" work? 4) how does "top teams rewarded with a win" work? each week, top 7 scoring teams get a win? in additional to the 7 head-to-head winners? Thanks, Rick
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