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  1. Barnes is Kershaws catcher. I expect Smith to catch 4-5 games a week and Barnes about 2.
  2. 1- Yes you must have a full lineup in your starting lineup or you wont get credit for any stats that day. No offensive stats either. Illegal roster is what cbs call it. 2- We have our settings set so that as soon as one game starts in a day any pickup you make goes for the next day. You can still change your lineups until 5 mins before each game starts for a player but any FA pickups need to be before first game of the day starts.
  3. Yes. You would have to put a different bench pitcher in your active lineup. Pick one not pitching that day. I have been doing daily for many years on cbs commissioner. I can go right now and claim 20 extra players on my team. It will say you have 20 extra guys on my bench and I will not receive stats for the day in red writing until I fix my roster. Why like I said above I enforce a rule that until the season starts you must always have a legal roster to stop people from picking up 50 extra guys waiting for opening day. Then if you want a ilegal roster on any given day so be it. You wont
  4. Never has. If you choose to be over then you get punished with no stats that day. They give red writing warning on top of your team page when it is not legal. As you can see in his picture above.
  5. If you have that red warning on your team page when games count you won't get credit for any stats that day. I also make a rule in my CBS keeper leagues to stop you from doing what you want to do right now. Since there are no games yet there is no penalty for having an illegal roster like you have right now. So what stops people from picking up 300 extra players and every RP from every team to hoard them to see who gets the closer gig and wait until opening day to cut them? Why you must have a LEGAL roster until opening day. If you choose to have an illegal one after that then so be it. You do
  6. Maybe just me. I'm good with that. In a keeper I have 5-6 over him maybe.
  7. # 1 on my draft board in redraft leagues. Safest guy out there for me.
  8. The more info the better for me. I like when different reports have far different views.
  9. Same as Trout being MVP. + 200...Next best guy in MLB is + 750
  10. Romano gets 30+ saves with Yates being hurt all year. Dalbac hits 45 hr's. Angel player wins AL MVP. And it is not Trout. Ohtani finally stays healthy all year and wins MVP. K. Hayes win NL ROY on worst team in baseball. I. Anderson wins NL Cy Young.
  11. Sounds like most leagues start ONE catcher if they are saying punting catcher and still got Garver. My ten team leagues we start two so 20 starting catchers. I have Garver about my 7th-8th overall catcher.
  12. Tons of pitchers suck at pitching. They should not be allowed to pitch. Lets make a rule.
  13. Keep Lindor + your other keeper you would have to drop to do trade.
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