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  1. Disappointing storyline. Droppable in all formats now
  2. Williams is a terrible pitcher dude, what did you expect?
  3. Saw a topic wasn’t started for him. I think a lot of people (myself included) were thinking he was poised for a breakout year this year. Arbitration after this year. So far 2021 has looked really really crappy for him. Has anyone seen anything live to suggest he may perform better ROS?
  4. I know this was mentioned earlier, but what is everyone’s thoughts on Hicks vs. Reyes for the rest of season? Obviously speculation, but do you think Reyes will be moved into the starting staff?
  5. I think its nearing that way 100%. Even when Hicks is back full strength I envision they will move him into a setup role with occasional split save.
  6. Back end starter. Big hype around him while on the Mariners and quickly faded because of control issues and reliance on his fastball. Sounds like he’s working on a comeback with the Mets. Any believers?
  7. Merryweather the pickup this AM??
  8. Very early, but why is he in the 6 hole? This limits his value ROS
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