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  1. I like the value of getting DJ late 1st more than I do drafting Mccaffrey 4th.
  2. He's good in leagues that have 4pt passing TDs. I still wouldn't reach for him because realistically there is a chance they bench him and give up on him if he's having a rough year.
  3. Don't be afraid of the injury risk with Cook. When he's healthy he will outperform his ADP this year and give you an edge. If he get's hurt you get to use someone else. There will be plenty of bargains late in draft and that come up on waivers. Don't be afraid. 3rd round is a steal and as the season gets closer his ADP will probably move closer to early/mid 2nd if he's healthy.
  4. Probably going to be pulling the trigger on Mahomes if he's available in the 4th in a lot of drafts. I feel like he's a super lock to be the #1 fantasy QB even with Tyreek Hill uncertainty. People were taking Rodgers and Watson in the 4th last year and they were no where near as close to the lock that Mahomes is. Even if he regresses by 10TDs he still probably finishes as #1.
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