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  1. I don't think I want much to do with Philadelphia's skill players this year. Except maybe Goedert. This is not going to be a very good team.
  2. I completely agree that in conjunction with paying that much for Drake, it's a total head-scratcher. Maybe they know something about their roster the rest of us don't? (But I highly doubt it.)
  3. I suspect (with no proof whatsoever) that the reporting of the moves and the trades was done out of order. Arizona sending a 3rd rounder for a player they knew was going to be released anyway? Seems like a lot to give up.
  4. So I *kinda* get their O-line moves from a salary cap perspective - the Raiders were tight with the desire to improve their defense, Brown's contract was arguably overpriced (though he certainly wasn't a bust), and to get something for Hudson and Jackson in a market saturated with interior O-linemen I thought was actually pretty smart of them. This gives them a few extra picks they can use for cost-controlled linemen this year and when the cap goes back up they can go gangbusters in signing FA's to maybe make a run. That said, I'd be infinitely more excited about Drake if he was behind th
  5. Oh my poor, poor A-Rob. Blake Bortles. Nick Foles. Mitch Trubisky. Andy Dalton. Who does he have to kill to get a real QB?
  6. Truth right here. I am all in on TJ Hockenson. No Golladay. No Jones. Who else is Goff going to throw to?
  7. Would I feel good about Fuller if Fitzpatrick was still QB? Damn right. Do I feel good about Fuller with Tua as QB? Oh sweet Jesus no. Would he be off the charts if Watson got traded to Miami? Oh lordy lordy give me all the shares. As things stand, I have little faith in Tua's deep ball ability. Very non-confident he returns WR3, and I was (one of) the biggest Fuller truthers last year.
  8. There's no way to sugarcoat this: I have swung and missed on him badly. Figured that this would be a high-tempo spread offense that made running lanes for days. Instead, it looks broken. Kyler's playing well from a fantasy POV I suppose. Meh. Bring on the season cancellation!
  9. Arizona are miscasting Kirk as Isabella (deep routes) and Isabella in 4WR sets only. Kirk would be such a beast if Larry Fitz moved on. So they're trying to put their three "best" WRs on the field in 11 personnel, bit the skillsets are wrong. This therefore is a big week for Isabella to take on that deep threat/vertical WR role and leave it between Kirk and Fitz for slot snaps.
  10. This is a **** take and I am sorry and I will never post on the topic again oh my god
  11. Far out. This guy cost me one matchup and came close in a second. I'm willing to give it one more week to see signs of life. I don't know if it was because San Fran played so much zone and Murray locked onto Nuk as a result or whatever stupid excuse I am deluding myself into thinking. But look, if this offense really starts humming, I want pieces of it. I have Edmonds rostered everywhere, Kirk is the other cheap-might-slaughter-ADP piece. You win some, you lose some.
  12. San Fran approach: stack it with enough 1st-round picks and voila! Wrecking crew. Sanders will be ok, but not gonna lie watching today was not pretty.
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