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  1. There's no way to sugarcoat this: I have swung and missed on him badly. Figured that this would be a high-tempo spread offense that made running lanes for days. Instead, it looks broken. Kyler's playing well from a fantasy POV I suppose. Meh. Bring on the season cancellation!
  2. Arizona are miscasting Kirk as Isabella (deep routes) and Isabella in 4WR sets only. Kirk would be such a beast if Larry Fitz moved on. So they're trying to put their three "best" WRs on the field in 11 personnel, bit the skillsets are wrong. This therefore is a big week for Isabella to take on that deep threat/vertical WR role and leave it between Kirk and Fitz for slot snaps.
  3. This is a **** take and I am sorry and I will never post on the topic again oh my god
  4. Far out. This guy cost me one matchup and came close in a second. I'm willing to give it one more week to see signs of life. I don't know if it was because San Fran played so much zone and Murray locked onto Nuk as a result or whatever stupid excuse I am deluding myself into thinking. But look, if this offense really starts humming, I want pieces of it. I have Edmonds rostered everywhere, Kirk is the other cheap-might-slaughter-ADP piece. You win some, you lose some.
  5. San Fran approach: stack it with enough 1st-round picks and voila! Wrecking crew. Sanders will be ok, but not gonna lie watching today was not pretty.
  6. Miles Sanders, Courtland Sutton, Deebo Samuel, Mike Williams. This was not the year to move to 2xFLEX. Should have just kept kickers.
  7. Yeah this is my Deebo handcuff. RIP once that foot is healed.
  8. Mike Williams out. Sutton out. Samuel out. Gonna turn the flex over to a combination of Eric "EEEEEEE" Ebron and Kendrick Bourne and jag a TD.
  9. Yuppppp. I'll eat my L this week knowing that he hasn't cracked a clavicle or had a rotator cuff tear.
  10. So Sanders and Godwin for CEH and Hilton? Well Hilton is junk if this is dynasty. So rookie RB for rookie RB and breakout WR? I'd at least consider this one. I mean, ride the CEHype train if you, but I'd consider that deal if you really like either Sanders or Godwin.
  11. Look, some of us started Watkins out of sheer desperation and had a good week; can we just have this one over-analytical justification of our stance? Please?
  12. Out-targeted Hardman 9-1 Only one game so far, but an important reminder that pieces of good offenses at discounts are a thing of beauty.
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