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  1. Was bummed about losing Oubre, but worked out so far with swapping for Powell.
  2. Draft Harden, Vucevic, MitchRob (yes I know), JJJr, DeRozan, Isaac, Oubre, DWright, Danny Green, D Powell, Z Collins, Beverly, D Hunter Present Harden, Vucevic, MitchRob, JJJr, DeRozan, Steph Curry, Ayton, N Powell, Hayward, Ariza, Markkanen, Bertans, Holmes
  3. Yup, exact reason why I didn't grab him or Lauri off waivers or FA. Had I done so, they would both be a stream spot for me given their middling production this year and weak playoff sched.
  4. At least KAT can keep his conditioning up, Capela will be utterly out of shape with his injury.
  5. Yeah, well momma knows best. All aboard the Holmes train....
  6. DJJ was awesome this year, but Gordon was robbed for sure. That said, dude should be more worried about making the ASG vs 1st place in a dunk competition.
  7. Yeah this guy is going to be someone else’s headache. Not touching him this year.
  8. I can see him being top 90 ros if he gets 30 mins a game.
  9. Was supposed to be winning 3s with him and Harden every week, now I'm just guaranteed losing FG%.
  10. Please no, unless Kuzma goes and I don't see that happening. Even if Kuzma does, still too many bigs and mouths to feed, don't see Bertans getting more PT or usage than with Wiz.
  11. What’s the over/under on games played before his knees act up again and he’s done for season...15?
  12. Well I was leading in TOs and Stls. Yup, Dieng on the opposing team.
  13. His counting stats and stocks have dipped from last season too.
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