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  1. Without DL spots I am thinking Alvarado is just a drop, am I wrong? He has looked so out of control since the return and even is healthy I guess it looks to be a 60/40 split at best
  2. Mets, Padres, Dodgers after the ASB for the Marlins. I have decisions based on Yahoo's stupid weekly schedule. Worried a bit about Gallen here
  3. Outside looking in, I stay put. Goldy will heat and be torrid for a month, may be your shot to move
  4. I am in 4th place right now with 72 points 12 man redraft roto Give Better Get Turner? (McNeil would move to my empty OF spot) Can a few of my players pick up some RUN, HR and SB help so I can not focus on SB? Standings I am (7th) in RUN at 609, ahead of me is 635, 640, 650, 659, 669, 680 I am (7th) in SB at 59, ahead of me is 64, 68, 68, 69, 72, 76 I am (7th) in HR at 182, ahead of me are 189, 193, 193, 199, 201, 215 I am (5th) in BA at .268, ahead of me are 269, 276, 277, 278 Team C -Om
  5. Hopefully.... In weekly leagues that need a decision made by Monday the 8th and run through the 21st (like Yahoo), how safe is it to insert Voit into a lineup do you think?
  6. This guy just knows how to pitch!! Number, arsenal, so many things go into pitching but when you are just good at what you do, results matter the most
  7. I am buying but was expecting more speed. Any thoughts on this? I mean if the Oz man 10/10 ROS I may get out of the market
  8. 5x5 roto redraft I love Olsen but looking at the numbers, you think Nunez producing similar numbers ROS with maybe less BA?
  9. Is Frankie running more? Over/under on 15 SB's ROS?
  10. Baring last, why has Workman not been given a full shot at closing?
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