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  1. do you understand how reading works? his turnovers havent changed at all with increased assists and increased minutes. guess you cant ill stop wasting my time.
  2. again you are ignoring facts that dont support your argument he has averaged 4 assists for his career and thats been up to 6 since people started adding him without any change in turnovers, that is a huge difference
  3. what would you rather i reference, his recent stretch of shooting like 56% from the field? pretty meaningful that you understand what an outlier is when he's shooting about 20% better from the field than his career averages. youre also definitely wrong about his fg value. what are you using, yahoo's broken standard deviations? i have his as a -.5 for the past month. must be convenient for you to ignore his assists too because as i already said those are way above his career averages too
  4. teague and wiggins are the problem same as last year and that whiny towns owner is just asking to be made fun of, rose has a higher fg% on less shots and has more assists and less turnovers than towns lol
  5. nobody is featuring reggie bullock lol but he could get 2-3 3s per, no turnovers and not really hurt you anywhere so he's useful
  6. i have too many 3s and have no use for him but he should be owned elsewhere, just beware that his value last year (owned him then) was in large part due to shooting 49%. pretty unsustainable for any non currys that take over half their shots from deep. hes shooting 42% now this year but should still have plenty of value
  7. i have him stashed people just need to be realistic, it was never realistic to think there wouldn't be major changes after the laker game
  8. it was common sense that they would have more than 3 guards on the roster, like i already said. satoransky was also playing a ton of small forward and his minutes have been eaten into by several players, including ariza, who took his starting spot and played 36 minutes, like i said.
  9. some of yall looking pretty stupid, what happened to his guaranteed large minutes
  10. hes barely clinging to 12 team value over the season and if his "shooting dips" to his career 39% shooting with his "other stats" like his terrible free throw shooting, and his assists that are also way above career averages the past week or 2, hell be a 20 teamer his shooting needs to stay around 47% or his value will fall off a cliff
  11. i remember reading about jordan crawford when he was scoring a bunch. he was hitting like 51% from mid range and sure enough regressed and was droppable. mudiay has upside though but yeah he can fall off
  12. cuttino mobley averaged 35.1 minutes per game, starting 38 of 77 games. only player in nba history with 35+ mpg, primarily off the bench, in 70 or more games. n
  13. was a 14 teamer before when everyone was adding him and hes a 14 teamer now
  14. they will have 3 small forwards back within a week in ariza porter and now they're integrating dekker who scored 20 points in 21 minutes. sato started at small forward. do the math, his minutes are nowhere near guaranteed. trash players arent good at fantasy so your argument is garbage. how many fantasy leagues is sexton winning people?
  15. he doesnt have anything guaranteed and hes not a trash player so i have no idea what the point of your post is. they had a bunch of new acquisitions last game that couldnt play. continuing on that theyve said everyone is available and theyre probably not done making moves especially since they could use another guard or two since they literally only have wall beal and sato. hes a good stash while we see how things play out but washington is a mess and nothing is guaranteed for him
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