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  1. He sucks so good most of the time. Make a sense of that and you figured out fantasy football.
  2. I can't confirm with actual numbers, but it seemed like Bengals offense was slow-paced. Maybe the volume won't be there for Boyd this year. Healthy Green, Ross, and Mixon is gonna be a problem for Boyd. Sell Boyd now if you can.
  3. He was getting targets... I will hold and give him few more weeks.
  4. As long as the Rams are winning and Brown is averaging at least 4.0yds/carry and not fumbling, he'll be a solid rb2 rest of the season. Maybe Akers will start taking over towards the end of the year, but until then I'm gonna ride Brown. Brown is a hold for me at the moment.
  5. No way... he is just getting started. He was a clear lead back and he got 4 receptions. He is a hold.
  6. Did the same... and next week, I will start Slayton and Djax will surely go off
  7. Mostert got 19 touches... I will take that all day every day. Explosive player like that getting 19 touches is gold.
  8. Get him cheap while you can... he is gonna have a monster week 1. 24 carries 216 yds, 24 TDS.. MVP after week 1.. GOAT!
  9. Gurley will be fine this year. He looked fine last year, it was just his oline was terrible and the entire Rams offense struggled. Also, the report has been promising so far... he has looked fast and light in training camp. I will gladly take contract-year-80%-Gurley getting 15-25 touches on Falcons offense in the early-third round all day.
  10. If you have Bitcoin, https://nitrogensports.eu/r/2437498 easy breezy!
  11. I am just gonna go out on a limb and say he will finish top 8rb this year. 1,650 total yds, 35 rec, 12tds. He will have some bust weeks but his boom weeks will be golden. I would be comfortable taking him anytime starting rd 4.
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