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  1. Why is Suarez such a low IQ moron at the plate? Striking out every at bat? How did this idiot hit 48 homers?
  2. Can someone please tell Soler the season started April 1. Thanks.
  3. Hi I’m Wade Miley and I’m a dumb dumb that serves up homers to loser catchers hitting .200.
  4. Nelson handed it to them on a silver platter and they said no thanks in typical Padres fashion.
  5. Can this loser Padre offense score a couple for Darvish?
  6. I really thought this was going to be Ian Happ’s year. Now I’m pretty sure he won’t even hit his weight.
  7. Nats 15 hits Bell has 0. It’s like I did something bad in a former life.
  8. It’s official. Trevor Williams is Cy Young reincarnate.
  9. I love how the Cubs’ bats wake up against my guy Ynoa and the Braves can’t even touch the loser of all losers pitching for the Cubs. Baseball is dumb.
  10. Did I really spend a 3rd rounder on Buehler for him to give up rbi singles to idiots hitting .095? Cmon man where are the 7ip 5h 1er 1bb 10k starts?? Going to 3-2 counts against the opposing pitcher?? I’m so done.
  11. I’ve followed the game for over 30 years and I can’t recall it being like this. Can someone please explain me the rule as to why Knebel got the win yesterday and not the pitcher that came in after May?
  12. Wow Mahle cruising and gives up a RBI double to a loser hitter batting .200. I hate fantasy baseball.
  13. He’s off to a slow start but his stats are still solid. Hold for now.
  14. Why is Strasburg still in the game??? I’m done.
  15. What happened from Strasburg’s first start until today? Covid shot?
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