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  1. Must be: Keeper league Roto preferred h2h ok Snake draft only early as tonight pm me directly please.
  2. “For example, a league might have rules that simply state “All teams can keep up to five players, but no player can be kept for more than four seasons in a row.” Team tenure is a concept that increases cost the longer a certain player is on the team.” I think what you meant to say rather than insult my intelligence was “this is how my league works”. What I wanted to know was how many keepers? If you keep a first rounder do you lose a first round pick? Or is it just you keep a certain amount of players with no restrictions? Thank you.
  3. Can you explain how and how long players are kept? Unable to access the setting link.
  4. Where we these damn touches for Kamara last week when I lost in the semi’s by less than 3? FML.
  5. Is it mean to say I hope MVS never plays a down in the NFL again?
  6. Can someone tell me why the Pack looked clueless in the second half after dominating the first? Panthers aren’t good enough to make adjustments. I’m thinking Vegas called in.
  7. What is the skinny on Finley? I mean this week was a disaster we know that. He’s slated to play about 12-16 of their next regular season games if he doesn’t get replaced. Does this guy have a chance to be decent? Who is his backup now? sincerely, a concerned Higgins owner
  8. Because he sucks. Higgins is useless now, because Finley sucks.
  9. I wonder if Ryan Finley knows how many people hate him right now?
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