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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm looking to start a 10 team PPR fantasy football league on ESPN. $30 per season, for 2 seasons due before the draft. The SLOW DRAFT will be on SLEEPER with 4hrs per pick and the scoring settings are ESPN default. The rosters are a little different with 2 flex spots, 1 WR/TE and 1 WR/RB spots. The link to the league settings is below and PM me your email, and I'll shoot an invite to both sleeper and the league. Shoot me with any questions you have. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=70037371&view=summary
  2. You don't really need Senzel and Acuna contributes in an additional category compared to JD. I think this would be a good trade for you, if you can pull it off.
  3. Bennintendi probably is the best player out of all and then Haniger and then Conforto and Meadows. Meadows is having kind of a good year, but wouldn't trust him in the long run.
  4. Acuna. You probably might have to compensate him/her another piece considering Acuna's 5 category contribution compared Arenado's four.
  5. You need proven pieces to move a player like Yelich. Hoskins and Conforto are decent, but not great. Rodgers and Kirilloff are good prospects, but totally unproven. So unless you get some great pieces, I wouldn't do this.
  6. Coming off the shoulder injury, I would hold onto Segura. Wheeler has a history of injuries including tommy john surgery and has missed more than 80 starts since 2015, which is almost three entire seasons.
  7. Probably giving up too much. Andujar despite coming off the surgery provides a lot more upside. Like mentioned before, closers are so volatile, you could end up losing their role over the span of a few games. Cody Allen for example doesn't even have a major league job anymore.
  8. Top tier hitters are a diamond dozen,where as you could always find closers in free agency. You'll definitely be paying too much if you move springer here.
  9. Cole and Arenado for Bellinger and Strasburg. Strasburg tends to take a trip to the IL during this time of the year, so he'll be improving on SP and will be getting a similar return by dealing Bellinger for Arenado. Wouldn't touch Yelich considering his SB potential compared to Bellinger.
  10. Keep Cole. Upton has been really slow coming back from the injury, but he's probably worth a grab considering his career stats and upside. If not I would wait for Pence to clear waivers.
  11. Rays are toying with the rookie by optioning him back and forth to the minors. And Kevin Cash is notorious for using relievers to start games. So I would roll with Gallen. His control hasn't been there, but he still hasn't allowed more than three earned runs in a game yet.
  12. None of the Jays rookies have really showed up this year. So roll the dice with Anderson, who was terrific to start the season.
  13. Probably Woodruff considering the playoff race is really tight in the AL. If the rays miss the playoffs, they might not bring Snell at all and also the surgery was in his shoulder, which makes things more risky.
  14. Sale definitely. Bauer has never had an ERA under 4 before last season. And also Sale has a better offense and K%.
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