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  1. if dj chark had been been out there, those two 40-yard passes would've gone to him and not chris conley (who dropped both) and two TDs would've changed the game script as well as minshew's momentum. chark is a stud. watch the highlights from last year's 1000-yard / 8TD season. i like minshew, but chark very much helps to prop minshew up. didn't realize how much until thursday's game. played like dung. and conley's thursday night performance showed why the jaguars drafted shenault and why keelan cole leapfrogged him on the depth chart. cole looked great the first two weeks, re
  2. the reality is, if kamara misses time latavius murray has an RB1-ceiling. last season when kamara was out with injury, murray roasted the cardinals and bears: 21 carries, 102 yards, 1 TD + 9 receptions, 55 yards, 1 TD 27 carries, 119 yards, 2 TDs + 5 receptions, 31 yards if i was RB-needy and the waiver wire had certain "hot" adds, i would consider dropping murray for mike davis or devonta freeman or darrell henderson. i would not drop murray for dion lewis. if i was WR-needy, russell gage is the only WR i'd consider, possibly michael pittman, and they are now taken in most le
  3. then why did matt patricia send danny amendola out to slash swift's tires after the game?
  4. i would've thought okudah to pick kj hamler as a tougher cover. quintez cephus is strong (#1 of all WRs at combine bench press), but he is slow (last place for all WRs in the 40-yard at the combine, though faster at his Pro Day testing with a 4.56). and the slow 40-time is supported by multiple draft analysts as a con and the reason he fell beyond his expected round 4 selection. they note how cephus' burst is a weakness, but also how he's much better in every other combine category, outperforming higher drafted picks. analysts agree cephus' short-game is lame because he can't separate, bu
  5. i just rewatched the cephus plays. to help with your dilemma: cephus only had 1 bad drop. true, it was 2nd and goal at the chicago 9-yard line, so it felt like 3 bad drops all in one target. the rock hit him in the chest and bounced out. stafford looked annoyed, but he's not spiteful like rodgers. stafford clapped his hands and did not scowl. i expect the rookie to continue to see targets. i'm a stafford fan. underrated qb. but there were two key passes poorly thrown, and that's on stafford, not cephus. one cehpus target slipped out of stafford's hands and went nowhere. one pass was throw
  6. He’s not supposed to be your WR1. He’s a WR2 at best that is not talking anyone off a ledge. it seems like you're pushing him off the ledge. this is how you do it: consider teddy bridgewater’s run as starting QB for the saints. consider how teddy used his #1 WR (micheal thomas) during these six games. note that teddy had 27-38 passing attempts during this run. and note that teddy attempted 34 passes last week in his first game as a panther michael thomas’ production with teddy: 9/15 @LAR 10 rec / 13 targets, 89 yards 9/
  7. i disagree. i scream continually at my TV, and if i scream loud enough i am confident the players can hear me. it worked last year for kenny golladay, and i imagine his 1190 yards and 11 TDs were a direct result of me urging him on. some players need encouragement, and some need to be pushed. logical statements have no place within rotoworld threads i agree --- there is no excuse when a person badmouths a player for injury, and clearly the disrespect and lack of empathy some fantasy owners display when it comes to professional athletes getting injured is the
  8. i see ingram hitting the 1000-yard mark this season, however based on coachspeak we will see a rotation, and it seems dobbins and ingram will switch off, and gus edwards will be used in garbage time. considering the strong defense, and the strong offense, we can expect a load of garbage time. this ain't the ideal, and it's not a one-two punch. it is problematic, and determining when to flex ingram or someone else may become something of a dart throw. if ingram has a great game this week, i'd be more tempted to sell high than hold him. suchy is our fate as fantasy points are a week-to-week mark
  9. we have yet to see this star. he's had good games now and again, but these are rare, and these games don't flash brilliance. i loved his talent at western michigan, but we have not yet seen this talent at the nfl level. the high draft, at this point, only means he was over-drafted. laquon treadwell went at 1.23, phillip dorsett at 1.29, corey coleman at 1.15, and the lions sold the farm in drafting charles rogers at 1.02. he was worthless, which is why you've never heard of him. busts happen. titans should have drafted jamal adams (who went one pick later to the jets), or chris godwin (wh
  10. RB tears his right ACL in college, then his meniscus, and then tears his left ACL. enters the NFL labeled as "injury prone." a couple of years as a pro, same RB fractures his hip. and then said RB plays 9 seasons averaging only 1 missed game per year. this RB is frank gore. people forget how gore was labeled as injury prone. chris carson's ability to heal from difficult injuries may have us forgetting his injury prone label as well. he is a violent runner, but he is a strong man with a trace of adamantium in his marrow.
  11. doubling up on handcuffs may not be the move for this offense... on one hand, it's not like new mexico state is playing PAC10 defenses every week. on the other hand, the first 5 minutes of this 10-minute video is huntley scoring 15 touchdowns, most of them 40+ yards. for a coach that loved to push the sproles factor, i am steering clear of scott in a miles sandersless offense
  12. i see this as a desperation play, but if you lose both golladay + sutton (and/or evans) what's an owner to do... lotta competition for targets between renfrow, ruggs, and waller. we will also see 10-12 targets to RBs + foster moreau + a miscellaneous zay jones / nelson agholor. have no doubt whatsoever that bryan edwards will lead the raiders in targets and points per game (for WR/TE) by season's end, but i expect it'll take several games to clarify his position as target leader. also, i expect a run-heavy approach from the raiders. so for me, i'm leaving bryan edwards on the bench-
  13. david johnson and chris carson. both are in that territory, and although carson won't get a wad of targets i'd take him over other nearby handy RBs (melvin gordon, lev bell, mark ingram). gurley was there in may / june but is now closer to the 2/3 turn, not the 3/4. connor has the talent and hands and offensive line, but handcuffing with benny snell seems a must at this point. 1.03 = zeke or barkley 2.10 = godwin or golladay for WRs, kittle is also a good pick; kelce should be gone by 2.10. ekeler and aaron jones might linger and both are good gets. kenyan drake has d
  14. completely agree that ARob hitched to trubisky would create a lot of frustration and that foles would be far better for ARob's production. but foles has only played 58 games in his 8 year NFL career, partly because he was not a starter, partly because he's not durable. he's never played a full season and i don't see it happening this year. with david montgomery currently injured, and with the general lack of a running game altogether, defenses can afford to double-team ARob --- i don't like this situation, and at current ADP (fantasypros) i'm going with dj moore, thieilen, or calvin
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