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  1. i disagree! when i read the post, my reaction was way more, "what planet are you from"? NOT crack-up laughter. IMO, the go-to in this case is clearly MARSHA BRADY, not STEVE HARVEY, though both are equally talented.
  2. https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp/half-ppr/12-team/all/2020 based on the tone of your post, i imagine zero-RB was a little too handy in the backseat of your sister’s gremlin. you certainly seem upset. let's take your blanket statement and consider the question, doesn’t the strategy depend on where you draft as well as your league’s settings? if you’re drafting 1.01-1.05 going zero-RB seems insane (despite CMcC, barkley, and zeke all floundering last season). of course you start with RB. next, what is zero-RB? i've heard people say it’s avoiding RB for the first
  3. these are just some of the charts @Boudewijn shows to us. you should see the charts he has hanging on his walls.
  4. the problem isn't where lockett ends up at season's end, the problem is that he has not been a reliable week-to-week play AND that he costs owners wins with big duds. compare 2020 lockett to 2020 will fuller: lockett = 10 games of single-digit fantasy production in half-PPR fuller = 2 games of single-digit fantasy production in half-PPR seattle does not need to rely on lockett, and DK metcalf is a big presence, and they love to run. there will be big weeks, there will be zip. ajs723 seems to be arguing for the season's end standing. but i'm with you: seeing lockett
  5. true... if it is, wentz will be retiring in 2022 wentz might not have architecture to fall back on, but at least he has the royal family
  6. "no shot" seems a little short-sighted. new team, new coaches, new philosophy, better o-line. also, neither wentz or his #1 WR ever played a full season together, so it throws off your yardage stat (the one year alshon played 16 games as an eagle, wentz did not). it's plausible wentz and pittman form a connection and pittman goes 1000+ if i had to choose, i'd go pittman. but it's certainly possible wentz forms a connection with ty hilton or parris campbell. it could also be zach pascal a TE (or all TEs) or heavily slotted nyheim hines for all we know. jury is still out. all goo
  7. i have 6 doable games for lockett last season, not 3, but i agree with your point: the consistency was far too erratic, and 6 out of 16 games can add up to multiple losses for a fantasy team banking on production. every week counts in getting to the playoffs and carson and metcalf and carroll cast long shadows in seattle. Date REC TGTS YDS TD Sun 1/3 12
  8. i like golladay, and i agree with you that if you can net golladay at high WR3 he's a steal, BUT i do not believe the NFC east is complete trash at defense. the washington defense was on fire last year (as @BMcP subtly implies above), and most of the season without landon collins. reuben foster’s career is up in the air, though if he does end up playing he is solid. if washington doesn’t spend 1.19 on a QB, they will take micah parsons (if the giants don’t take him at 1.11) and go QB at 2.51. expect more solidity from the WFT at defense and a more balanced team overall. the giants will also ha
  9. Spring 2020 = Jalen Reagor, pick 1.21, the Texan Christian Horned Frog star who will push for WR1 and Offensive Rookie of the Year. Hailed a must-get in dynasty drafts, double-get in return-yardage leagues, paired with "elite" Carson Wentz. Fall 2020 = Carson Wentz plays Geno Smith level football behind large guys mistankenly called an “offensive line.” Jalen Reagor plays 11 games, reels in 31 receptions for 396 yards and 1 TD + 1 punt return TD, has one game of double-digit PPR points (10.5 points vs the Dallas secondary). A consistent letdown every Sunday. Reagor shows minimal but adeq
  10. well, the jets are desperate for a QB and the jets signed michael vick after he was indicted for dog fighting, so reaching out to deshaun watson at this point doesn't seem like a far reach... the jets are experts in malpractice.
  11. clearly, lindsay's the 1C to david johnson's 1A and mark ingram's 1B --- anyone of these running backs is a home run. buy high! OR, the texans will have such gigantic leads that all three RBs will be garbage time heroes running out the clock. the texans weapons are a juggernaut of talent: concussion cooks at WR1, randall cobb in the slot, and newly signed speedster andre roberts to chase tyrod taylor's erratic passes. the needle will be moving when the texans conquer the NFL rookie draft in five weeks. true, they have no first round picks AND no second round picks, but th
  12. if dj chark had been been out there, those two 40-yard passes would've gone to him and not chris conley (who dropped both) and two TDs would've changed the game script as well as minshew's momentum. chark is a stud. watch the highlights from last year's 1000-yard / 8TD season. i like minshew, but chark very much helps to prop minshew up. didn't realize how much until thursday's game. played like dung. and conley's thursday night performance showed why the jaguars drafted shenault and why keelan cole leapfrogged him on the depth chart. cole looked great the first two weeks, re
  13. the reality is, if kamara misses time latavius murray has an RB1-ceiling. last season when kamara was out with injury, murray roasted the cardinals and bears: 21 carries, 102 yards, 1 TD + 9 receptions, 55 yards, 1 TD 27 carries, 119 yards, 2 TDs + 5 receptions, 31 yards if i was RB-needy and the waiver wire had certain "hot" adds, i would consider dropping murray for mike davis or devonta freeman or darrell henderson. i would not drop murray for dion lewis. if i was WR-needy, russell gage is the only WR i'd consider, possibly michael pittman, and they are now taken in most le
  14. then why did matt patricia send danny amendola out to slash swift's tires after the game?
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