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  1. I picked him up Sunday for his 4 game week and I dropped him before the game even finished yesterday. Dude sucks, that's all there is to it. He will put up good stats when he's sitting on everyone wire but the moment you pick him up, he turns into a g-league player.
  2. I mean, just look at last nights performance. Ibaka and Gasol were back and FVV right around the corner. So - very doubtful.
  3. How does the starting center not have any rebounds before half? That's simply inexcusable. Dude sucks.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure you'd be real depressed with his bank account
  5. Bruce Brown is playing Saturday soooo, there's really no reason to own McRae
  6. He's so good that Washington cut him in favor of Ish Smith and Shabazz Napier.
  7. Lets pump the brakes before we call someone who got plucked off waivers a "league-winner". Does he have a chance to be decent? Sure. League-winner? Doubtful.
  8. Hold on let me consult my crystal ball. Seriously though, no one knows dude. All we've heard is "he wants to play really bad".
  9. Why? No FVV and no Ibaka. Only reason he's doing this. Once they are healthy again you can fade OG.
  10. Just put this mother fricker in a wheel chair and call it a day. Dude has ankles like an 80 year old grandma. Not one, but TWO sprained ankles. How does that happen?
  11. Should I make the move in a points league? Or hold tight with Favors?
  12. Yeah I'm trying to cut him for Malik Beasley in a points league. He went from averaging 30-40 to like 20-25 points.
  13. And he continues to be terrible. Rotoworld again has him as their #2 add in the waiver wire column. Is there a bigger bunch of clueless idiots than Rotoworld column writers? Melton is absolute trash so why should he be picked up?
  14. Ankle injury and won't return to the game tonight. Another day, another injury. Shite is old man.
  15. Casey agrees with you so much that he only played him 16 minutes
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