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  1. he can score and hit 3s, usually doesn't do great but he has such a massive opportunity right now he might be worth an add
  2. Sure would be, especially since Jimmy would create a cap hold that wouldn't allow them to sign a free agent next offseason. That's why I was posting about next offseason.
  3. You're reading what you want to read. You're calling the Clippers a frontrunner for no reason. It's blatantly obvious that it's the Lakers, and is becoming increasingly obvious that you simply don't want to believe it's the Lakers.
  4. Yeah, that doesn't even make sense. Whole post sounds like a lot of general anti-Laker sentiment tbh. Who's the 2nd best player on the Clippers, Lou Williams? There's no universe in which they're the odds on favorites to land Kawhi. https://www.playnow.com/sports/basketball/nba-specials/Kawhi-Leonard-Team-in-2019-20-Season-1590685.html Raptors a little too low probably, but seems way more realistic.
  5. Salary caps exist in the NBA. I think the general consensus is that Klay will be gone this year. The alternative is them choosing him over Draymond (stupid, if you ask me), the latter having 2 years left on his deal. But Kawhi isn't staying in Toronto anyway. You can spare everyone the Paul George to OKC talk, that was a longshot last year and it's a longer shot with Kawhi.
  6. Never good enough to have been rostered through a suspension, shame on all of you.
  7. Difference is that Oakland is going to suck this year.
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